Corrected entry: In the drive-in scene, just after Sandy has rejected Danny and slammed the car door into his privates, look very closely at the car door. At the end of the movie, we see the car is a bright red colour which is covered with lots of dust during the rest of the movie. In this series of shots you can see 'John's' written into the dust (using a finger, obviously) on the car door, obviously referring to John Travolta. This is best seen in the digitally remastered version.

Correction: It actually says James (the s is on the front fender).

Correction: This is not exactly a mistake. True it is oddly coincidental that the name John would be written, but it is possible that someone at the drive-in signed their name in the dust.

Corrected entry: Henry Winkler and Marie Osmond were the first choices to play Danny and Sandy. Winkler turned down the role to avoid being typecast, as he was better known as the Fonz (from the TV show "Happy Days"), a character known for wearing a black leather jacket; Osmond declined for "moral reasons," probably due to her strong Mormon beliefs.

Correction: The part about Henry Winkler was right, but Marie Osmond later apologized and admitted that she had never actually been offered the part.

Corrected entry: In the last song there is a shot over the fairground which shows a spinning rotor cage full of people. Back on the ground two seconds later the rotor cage is clearly visible in the background and obviously empty.

Correction: "We Go Together" is a montage of the carnival, not a true-to-the-minute depiction of time. (As evidenced by Jan and Doody "jumping" onto one of the rides and back off within a matter of seconds.) However, even with that, the rotor cage has time to land and empty between shots.


Corrected entry: When Kenickie and Danny are outside the Ice Cream Parlour and the Scorpions come driving up the road recklessly, Kenickie takes his cigarette out of his mouth and mouths something. In the next shot he does exactly the same thing but says 'Those Scorpions are asking for it.'

Correction: Kenickie could have said something else to Danny, we didn't hear it so we don't know.

Corrected entry: Kenickie was supposed to sing the 'Grease Lightening' song but John Travolta was given the part because he wanted it.

Correction: Actually, they were both supposed to sing it, and I believe Kenickie did sing more in the play because on the Grease soundtrack, it says that "Greased Lightning" is sung by both of them.

Corrected entry: I would love to know how in the short time they were all singing "We go together", Putzie and Doody managed to get on and off a ride.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: It's not a realistic sequence. They're all singing and dancing and lots of things are going on. To underscore that it's not realistic, the car that Sandy and Danny are in FLIES at the end. Suspend your disbelief for a second and have some fun.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In the dance-off scene, 'Crater Face' is standing between Doody and Putzie and talking to then in a friendly fashion. If they were enemies as the film suggests, surely they would want to avoid each other?

Correction: I've watched the whole dance sequence several times and can't find this scene anywhere. Unless you have a timecode or something, this entry should be deleted.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: After Sonny is reprimanded by the principal for being late to class, he and the T-Birds run into Eugene on the stairs. Eugene is strolling along with his briefcase and doesn't appear to have any kind of pass or note that would indicate that he's on an errand for a teacher. So what's a goody-goody like him doing wandering the halls after class has started?


Correction: Eugene is holding papers and heading in the direction of the front office, he is most likely running and errand for his home-room teacher. A "goody-goody" would be the number one choice of teachers to do this.

Corrected entry: In the Beauty School Dropout song, Rizzo, Jan and Marty are part of the singers. Toward the end of the song, while holding a long note, Rizzo stops singing and looks away, then starts singing again.

Correction: This is a guilty reaction to a line in the song, "Get off the pot." It's subtle, but definitely meant to happen, and not a mistake.

Corrected entry: At the climax to the drag race, when Danny jumps the puddle and takes the lead, as his car hits the pavement in slow-motion, you can see that the car literally falls apart (the bumpers fall off and the hood pops open). In the next shot, the car's in perfect shape again.

Correction: The only thing that happened was the hood and trunk popped up - they could of easily went back into place without anybody fixing it.

Corrected entry: At the Pink Lady sleep over, Frenchy tries to pierce Sandy's ears. She does one ear, and says it bleeds, but when Sandy comes out of the bathroom, both her earlobes are normal. If Frenchy really had made a hole in her ear, it would have been all red. (00:30:10)

Correction: After Frenchy got out of the bathroom she said she only did one ear and she got sick, and when she started to pierce it in her bedroom, she started with the right ear. When Sandy steps out of the bathroom, you only see her left ear, which wouldn't be pierced.

Corrected entry: In the 'Summer Nights' song, around the line where Sandy sings 'just turned 18', you can see Chacha singing in the group just behind her, but we are told later that Chacha goes to St.Bernadettes, not Rydell High, so why would she be there?

Correction: That is not Cha Cha. That girl is seen several other times including in the dance scene, so it could not be Cha Cha.

Corrected entry: In the Greased Lightning scene when Danny starts singing he throws his jacket behind him and you can see it land on top of a cupboard behind him. When they all go behind the car you can see the same cupboard but the jacket isn't on top of it.

Correction: It gradually slipped off the cabinet as they were going behind the car.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: When Sandy is singing the "Hopelessly Devoted to You" song when she see's Danny's reflection in the pond you can see him crouching behind a tree to make the image in the pond.

Correction: It is not a real image, it is super-imposed. What you see by the tree is a pink flamingo.

William Bergquist

Corrected entry: In the ice cream parlor, when Danny is sitting with his friends and Sandy is on the upper level, eating with Tom, Rizzo comes by, and says "Somebody snaking you, Danny?" She glances and nods her head to the right, but Sandy and Tom are in plain sight over her left shoulder. (00:43:00)


Correction: She was nodding her head up towards the higher level of the shop becaues that is where Sandy and Tom are sitting. This isn't a mistake just because she doesn't nod directly at Sandy.


Corrected entry: All of the characters (except Sandy) speak with various kinds of New York accents, some of them very harsh, even though the movie is set in Los Angeles (or at least the west coast. Those big drainage gullies they had the race in don't exist anywhere near New York). You'll find New Yorkers anywhere, but that many in one place 3,000 miles away from home?

Correction: Many people did fake New York accents then. It was just the 'cool' thing to do, something to make people seem tougher than they were. Notice how Danny completely loses the accent when he meets Sandy at the pep rally, then recovers it to look cooler in front of the guys.

Corrected entry: When the principal is saying her last farewells to the students, notice what everyone is wearing. In the carnival that immediately follows the last class, these characters are wearing different clothes. I think it is unlikely that all would bring a change of clothes.

Correction: At my high school, we also had a carnival in town and the graduating seniors were given free passes before the carnival opened to the public. It was a tradition that seniors would bring a change of clothing to be more comfortable than the school's uniform code allowed. They were allowed to leave early that day, and that allowed time for everyone to jam up the bathrooms and locker rooms changing.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Sandy and Danny are dancing, she is wearing the all black outfit, with the black heels. but at one moment when Sandy jumps in from one side of the screen and Danny jumps in from the other side (I think they're singing "wop wop a lop a bim bam boom"), You can see Sandy is bare-footed.

Correction: She's holding her shoes in her hands. Can't make a jump like that on grass wearing candies. not a mistake, something a high schooler would really do.

Debby Kelly

Corrected entry: On the widescreen DVD version, there are sporadic shots in the dance-off gym scene when the windows are shown and it is revealed that it was light outside. I'm not exactly a guru on school dance times, but aren't they usually at night?

Correction: The dance could've started when it was still light out. Besides, when they show Rizzo,the guy and the other girl arrive, it's light out

Corrected entry: During the "Beauty School Dropout" sequence, pay attention to Marty when she's singing. She appears to be bored and isn't mouthing some of the words.

Correction: Can't see how that is a mistake - so she's bored. Not a big deal. It could be part of her character.

Revealing mistake: In the soda shop, the waitress turns off the lights with her elbow because her hands are full, but she misses the light switch by 6 inches. (00:55:10)

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Rizzo: I got so many hickeys, people'll think I'm a leper.
Kenickie: Cheer up! A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.

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Trivia: John Travolta made up the "cool dude walk" that Danny uses in the first scenes, when trying to create a bad boy image.

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