Corrected entry: In the beginning credits, they spell Frenchie with an "ie" but at the end credits, they spell it with a "y".

Correction: Frenchy (which is the correct spelling of her name) is spelled with a "y" in the opening and closing credits.

Corrected entry: During "Sandra Dee", Frenchy's hair is in rollers and a hairnet, then her hair is down when she and the others are turned on their stomachs. At the end, when Sandy comes out of the bathroom, her hair is back in rollers and a hairnet.


Correction: Frenchy's hair is never down during "Sandra Dee, " she's wearing a wig like the rest of the girls.

Corrected entry: During the race at Thunder Road, the cars go up onto the slope where Sandy is sitting, but she cannot be seen at any time during the race scene. She suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Correction: Sandy is not sitting on the race track. She is sitting on the other side of the start bridge. You can tell she was not on the track because the stopped grease lightening car front is facing her. Also when they shoot out she is sitting getting her shoe on and all the parked cars are in view. They did not race past people's cars.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Danny and Sandy rush into the diner, Sandy has a white cardigan draped over her shoulders which she places on the back of her chair. However, when they both leave in a rush she doesn't pick the cardigan up and you cannot see it either on the chair or on the floor.

Correction: She takes the cardigan with her. You can see it in her hand when she leaves.

Corrected entry: When the cameraman says, "All right, get it!" during the performance of "Born to Hand Jive" at the National Dance Off, his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: The cameraman didn't say "All right, get it", Bowser did. It was his voice you hear.

Corrected entry: When Danny and Sandy are in the Shake Shack during "You're the One That I Want", you can see students hanging on the bars on the window. But when we see a close up of Danny and Sandy, there are no students visible near the windows.

Correction: Assuming you mean just before they enter the shake shack (because no students are hanging on bars whilst in the shake shack), when students are hanging on the window bars as if in jail, watch the colors on the wall closely when the camera zooms in on Danny and Sandy. Those shots are shot higher up than the students would now be that they have dropped down to do their "hand dancing", so you would not be able to see them.

Corrected entry: In the beginning animated sequence, when Rizzo takes off her top, the long neck in the mirror suddenly disappears altogether.

Movie_Freak 1

Correction: The reason why Rizzo's long neck disappears is precisely what is meant to happen. The long neck is a joke about Rizzo and that is why it disappears.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-Birds pull up at Frenchy's the night of the slumber party, the front porch is all along the front of the house & there is nothing in the yard. But when Sandy goes outside and is singing Hopelessly Devoted, it's a small little corner porch and there is a swimming pool in the yard.


Correction: Sandy goes out onto the BACK porch to sing, not the front porch, that's why they look totally different. That's where you'd also be most likely to find a small swimming pool and I can't imagine Sandy wanting to go out onto the front in her nightgown in the middle of the night.


Corrected entry: During the cafeteria scene in the beginning, Patty comes along and Frenchy rests her head on her left hand with her elbow on the table. The shot changes after Rizzo says "It's the biggest thrill of my life" and Frenchy's head is instantly no longer resting on her hand, and her elbow is off the table.

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Correction: During the moment the camera cut to Rizzo saying her line, Frenchy could have easily moved her hand. It takes only a second.


Corrected entry: During the dream car dance sequence, look at the many wires guiding the engine as it is lowered into the car with Danny riding on it. Also, notice the size of the white hook and chain. In the next shot, when the engine is in place and the chain is going up, it is a much smaller hook and the chain jumps around like a plastic prop.

Correction: Like you said. A dream sequence. They were imagining what the car would look like. Nothing they showed in the song sequence actually took place.


Corrected entry: During the race at thunder road just before the car that Danny is driving leaps he drives through a puddle splashing the camera lens.

Correction: Having water splash onto the lens could well be intentional by the director (and therefore not a mistake). The concept is known as 'breaking the fourth wall', and is sometimes used to help bring the audience into the action.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Kenickie is first shown, he has two charms on his necklace. One is a small square one, the other is a star inside a circle. The camera cuts to Zuko, then when it cuts back to Kenickie, the square charm is gone. It reappears in a couple of scenes later in the movie, then disappears again.

Correction: The smaller charm is hidden behind the star in the circle charm, whenever two charms are worn on the same necklace, one is normally behind the other unless spacers are used.

Corrected entry: When Sandy is in her cheerleading outfit, her hair is pulled back at the top of her head in a ponytail. The ponytail is very long. Yet, in the rest of the movie, her hair is short.

Correction: Actually, every time her hair is up in a ponytail (like in the drive-in scene), it is long - fashion at the time included clip-in extensions, so this is realistic.

Corrected entry: In "Greased Lightning," when John Travolta is lifted up by a chain to get the motor, he has no leather jacket; when he comes back down with the motor, he now has his T Bird jacket back ont that he threw off earlier.

Correction: "Greased Lightning" is a fantasy sequence, which like dream sequences, are not bound by the standard laws of convention.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: At the race, Frenchy is heard asking Marty the question, "What did she give him?" but her mouth isn't moving- in fact, its chewing gum. A common misconception is that Jan is saying this line and not Frenchy, but the voice sounds exactly like Frenchy's and not at all like Jan's.

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Correction: If you watch this scene on the DVD widescreen version, you actually see Jan ask Marty this question. Even though it may sound like Frenchie's voice, you can't argue with what's on the screen.

Corrected entry: During "We Go Together" when John Travolta jumps into the shot from the right, followed by Olivia from the left, you can see that Olivia has removed her high heels to jump into the shot. The shoes are on in the previous shot and in the following shot.

Correction: No they aren't. She is holding them in her hands as they are running off, which is the very next shot after she jumps into the scene, and after she and Danny run off, you don't see her again until they are driving off in the car, and then you don't see her feet at all.

Corrected entry: How is it possible that Cha-Cha and Danny win the dance contest when Danny and Sandy were the only pair left on the floor? Yet nobody noticed the switch?

Correction: The principal does notice. But it doesn't matter, they're still the best dance couple according the judges.


Corrected entry: When Rizzo is shuffling her cards on the first day of school, during the announcements, you can see the string through the cards that keep them together.

Correction: So Rizzo uses a fake deck, where's the mistake there?

Corrected entry: During 'You're The One That I Want,' Danny falls at the feet of Sandy. When he gets up, you can see dirt on Danny's black shirt, but when they go into the funhouse, the dirt disappears.

Correction: The dirt was probably brushed off before he got into the funhouse.

Corrected entry: A lot of the songs that are played at the dance are songs that are in the stage version but weren't included as "character" songs in the film. For instance, the song Danny sings along to at the dance, "Those Magic Changes", is sung by Sonny in the stage version.

Correction: 'Those Magic Changes' is actually sung by Doody in the stage version.

Revealing mistake: In the soda shop, the waitress turns off the lights with her elbow because her hands are full, but she misses the light switch by 6 inches. (00:55:10)

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