Trivia: John Travolta made up the "cool dude walk" that Danny uses in the first scenes, when trying to create a bad boy image.

Trivia: Olivia Newton-John had to be sewn into her trousers at the end of the film as the zipper broke. They were put on in the morning and she was not allowed to take them off or go to the restroom while they were on, as the crew would have to waste time sewing them back on.


Trivia: When a group of waitresses at the ice-cream parlour watch the National Dance Off on television, one of them says, "There's Danny and Sandy". This waitress is John Travolta's real-life sister, Ellen.

Trivia: Jamie Donnelly (Jan) had to dye her hair black daily during the shoot as she had prematurely grey hair.

Trivia: Dinah Manoff (Marty) could not dance at all, so they left her out of all the big dance numbers.

Trivia: When Danny and the gang are in the ice cream parlour, Rizzo is sitting at Danny's table with hickeys on her neck - these were real.

Trivia: Towards the end of the film, we see a group of students rushing out of Rydell High and onto the fields for the Graduation Carnival. All of these 'students' were winners of a contest which producer Allan Carr had organised and director Randal Kleiser chose the graduation scene as the right moment.

Trivia: Singer Olivia Newton-John had hardly done any acting, and was terrified of starring in a big-budget musical. John Travolta (who was also a singer) was really supportive, and when Newton-John made a mistake during filming, he would make it look like it was his fault and take the blame for it.


Trivia: Dinah Manoff (Marty) was the only main cast member who was of high school age during filming, she was 18.

Trivia: The Saran Wrap they are wrapping the car in during "Greased Lightning" is a blatant sexual reference (check out John Travolta rubbing it on his crotch). In the 50's, Saran Wrap was often used in lieu of condoms.

Trivia: During the dance, Marty, the girl in the green strapless dress, is talking to the TV presenter next to the camera or something. Just at the end of the scene, she turns, and you can just see the top of her dress fall down quickly. It's only for half a second, so you have to look really carefully.

Trivia: The film that Danny and Sandy watch at the drive-in features Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Lewis was one of director Randal Kleiser's teachers at the USC in Film Directing.

Trivia: At the end of the group dance when Danny and Cha-Cha get the trophy, you can see Marty fall and she is unable to get up because she keeps stepping on her dress.

Trivia: When grease lightning has just won the rally, the water in the place was really polluted and when Kenickie runs through you can see him really afraid of the water and almost tip-toeing through it.

Trivia: During the dance, Danny is shown dancing with Sandy and singing a portion of the song "Those Magic Changes." Sandy then says he's very good and that he should take singing up professionally. This is a reference to the fact that John Travolta played Doody on Broadway before going on to play Danny in the movie. (Doody sings "Those Magic Changes" in the stage version. The song was used as a dance number in the film).

Movie_Freak 1

Trivia: After Cha-Cha and Danny win the dance-off, and all the group including extras group together for the big finale and ending of the song, look for the girl in the green dress behind Vince Fontaine. As everybody gets up, her partner slyly kisses her foot and she laughs.

Factual error: The movie and events take place in 1958. However, two Fender amplifiers that are used by the band, "Johnny Casino and The Gamblers" are "Silverface" models that were only manufactured between 1967 and 1981.

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Danny: Uh, I'm not very hungry; just gimme a double Polar Burger wit' everything and a cherry soda wit' chocolate ice cream.

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Question: Can anybody explain why the T-Birds didn't see each other all summer? Even if Kenickie had a job, wouldn't he still be around after work?

Answer: Well, Danny was out of town, at the beach. It's quite possible that the rest of T-Birds didn't live close enough to each other to see each other during the summer. Also, they may have all had jobs, or been travelling with their families. It's also possible that they DID see each other, although maybe not as "T-Birds". When they saw each other on the first day of school, though, they were Seniors, and they were ready and excited to be T-Bird seniors.


Another possible reason is that not all of them were allowed to see friends during the summer. I had a couple of classmates whose parents were strict about them focusing on schoolwork and/or getting a job. No phone calls or visiting friends on the weekends or during summer: "You can see your friends at school."

Do you really think any of the T-Birds had strict parents?

People quite often rebel against strict parents.

When they asked Kenickie where he was, he said "working, which is more than I can say for any of youse kids" suggesting that the 3 stooges (pun intended for their stupid routine that prompts Danny to tell them to "be cool") didn't work all summer. Also, Sonny needed to borrow money in the dinner until he could get his allowance.

In regards to not living close enough to each other, it is worth mentioning that having access to a vehicle was much less common compared to nowadays.


Answer: During that time, it wasn't uncommon for people to go out of town for the whole summer. Often, it was close enough so that the father could commute on weekends while the mother and kids spent the summer at the vacation spot. Even when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, I knew a lot of people who did it.

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