Trivia: In the pep rally scene where everyone is rushing up to see what Coach Calhoun has to say, you can see a brown-headed girl rush forward, and then you can see a hand reach out and pinch her bottom.

Trivia: Grease was released in Mexico under the name 'Vaselina'.

Trivia: During the Thunder Road race between Danny and "Crater Face", Annette Charles (Cha-Cha) was in terrible pain from an ectopic pregnancy. This is why she is frequently seen in the film leaning against cars.

Trivia: When Frenchy and Doody arrive at the National Dance Off, Frenchy asks Doody how does she look, to which Doody replies, "Like a beautiful blonde pineapple." Barry Pearl (Doody) ad-libbed this line.

Revealing mistake: In the soda shop, the waitress turns off the lights with her elbow because her hands are full, but she misses the light switch by 6 inches. (00:55:10)

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Rizzo: I got so many hickeys, people'll think I'm a leper.
Kenickie: Cheer up! A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.

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