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Factual error: At one point Ben Braddock is in a cafe on Telegraph Avenue drinking a beer. At the time the film was made, no restaurant within a mile of campus was allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

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Other mistake: The copyright date is 1967. In the final title frame at the end of the movie, the copyright date in Roman numerals is incorrect. The V and the X are inverted. It reads MCMLVXII. The correct Roman numeral is MCMLXVII.



Visible crew/equipment: When the anxious Benjamin takes Elaine on their first date (against Mrs. Robinson's wishes), he's driving his convertible Alfa Romeo fast and a bit recklessly on the crowded freeway. This brief nighttime scene is one continuous "backseat" shot from behind Ben and Elaine, looking out of the car's front windscreen. As the lighting shifts erratically, the distinct shadow of the camera and audio rigs with vertical cables repeatedly moves left and right across the entire shot for the duration of the scene. (00:58:09)

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Continuity mistake: When Mrs Robinson gets out of Ben's car, which doesn't have the top down, her hair is notably messy but, not soon after, her hair is fine, and it is done up in an elaborate way, so she couldn't have fixed it herself.


Audio problem: When Ben and Elaine go on their first date, they're driving really fast in his car and talking. When each of them talks, the wind noise is evident in the audio. This means they used the original audio on scene, instead of replacing it later (known as ADR). The cuts in the audio here are very noticeable.

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Continuity mistake: Benjamin runs up the steps to his apartment to find Mr. Robinson sitting there waiting for him. Before he gets to the door the wall on his right is dark but then in the next shot as we see him entering the apartment that wall is totally lit up. (01:30:35)


Continuity mistake: As he leaves the apartment Mr. McCleery tells Benjamin to, "get out of here". If you look closely at the light fixture over the pay phone in front of him you'll see it only has one light on it. In the next shot as he rounds the staircase we see it again and there are two lights on it. (01:33:15)


Visible crew/equipment: The Robinson's have a mirrored headboard and as they zoom in on Mrs. Robinson as she calls the police, if you look closely you can see the camera's shadow move across the sofa in the mirror. (01:35:20)


Continuity mistake: The two large black liquor bottles that were on the left of Mrs. Robinson's bar when they walked out have been moved several feet to the right as Mr. Robinson pours Benjamin a drink. (00:12:10)


Visible crew/equipment: After he takes her home, there's a rear tracking shot of Benjamin walking Mrs. Robinson down the hallway into the bar area of her house. The shadow of the cameraman's head can be seen on the left of the doorway just after they enter the room. (00:10:10)


Continuity mistake: We see Benjamin's fish tank as Mrs. Robinson barges into his room looking for the bathroom. It's rearranged between shots, with the deep-sea diver in the middle removed. (00:07:00)


Continuity mistake: In the hotel room Mrs. Robinson makes Benjamin promise that he will never take Elaine out. If you look closely the purple chair in the middle of the room has been moved out about a foot away from the wall so that it's now blocking her line of sight and obscuring the bottom of the lamp that's in front of the window. When we saw this spot before as they were lying in bed the bottom of the lamp could easily be seen from the bed. (00:54:05)


Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin walks up to the hotel desk clerk to get a room and the camera moves in on a decorative wooden partition sitting on the left of the front desk. If you look closely the camera gently hits it. (00:26:15)


Continuity mistake: Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson have a rendezvous and while they're in bed he gets her to talk about where Elaine was conceived. She turns out the light and the conversation continues a while in the dark until Benjamin indicates that he might take Elaine out on a date. She turns on the light again and gets ready to rip his head off and two drinks appear where there were none before under the lamp on the left of the screen. (00:49:40)


Continuity mistake: After Benjamin cuts his thumb on the razor he takes it and curls it under his other four fingers. In the next shot his left hand is open wide and the thumb is not bleeding. (00:45:10)


Continuity mistake: After Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson have a fight about Elaine she sits on the side of the bed putting on her stockings as she gets ready to leave. Benjamin says, "Oh no, look I like you" and in the next shot as the camera shifts angles a chair appears in front of Mrs. Robinson that wasn't there before. (00:53:10)


Continuity mistake: Benjamin arrives at the Robinson's for his date with Elaine and he sits on the couch next to Mrs. Robinson to try to explain. Before he sits down the lamp on the left of the couch is off, then in the next shot as he sits down the lamp is on. (00:57:00)


Continuity mistake: Before Mr. Braddock introduces Benjamin at his birthday party we get a good look at the lawn chairs on the left of the screen and they're all in the shade. Several shots later when Benjamin finally comes out in his Scuba gear the lawn chairs are in the sunlight. (00:21:55)


Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin brings up Mrs. Robinson's purse and she says, "All right then put it in Elaine's room" and the shadow of the camera man's head can be seen on the right of the screen on the door. (00:15:50)


Continuity mistake: Benjamin says, "I'm going home now" and the red and white plastic ornament above Elaine's bed is casting a shadow on the large "R" behind her head board. In the next shot the lighting is different and there is no shadow. (00:14:50)


Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?

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Trivia: A change from the theatrical re-release for the 25th anniversary and the video release. In the first Taft Hotel bedroom scene, a nervous Ben asks Mrs. Robinson if she would like "Wood or Wire [hanger]?" In the theater, her response was, "wood." Which led to the wonderful pratfall of Ben trying to take the wood one, which wouldn't come off. But it was changed in the 25th anniversary video release and her response was, "Either one would be fine."

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