The Graduate

Revealing mistake: The day after their first date Benjamin drives through the pouring rain to pick up Elaine. If you look closely out the side windows of the car you can see that it's produced by a rain machine, it's actually a beautiful day with the sun shining. (01:07:40)


Revealing mistake: After he bangs on the second floor church window, Elaine screams his name and Benjamin runs down the steps to the main floor of the church. Mr. Robinson meets him halfway down as they fight and if you look closely Benjamin's white windbreaker was made to just fall apart as Mr. Robinson tugs on it. (01:43:00)


Continuity mistake: Mrs. Robinson picks up the phone to call the police on Benjamin who has broken into her house but if you look closely she never dials the phone. (01:35:10)


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Suggested correction: Since we never see the police come in, we're not for sure she actually called them as Mrs. Robinson is known to lie and manipulate. All we hear are tires screeching and as we see no police pursuing him, it's unlikely.

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Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?

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Trivia: The stocking-clad leg in the film's promotional poster isn't Anne Bancroft's, its actress Linda Grey's leg.

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