The Graduate

The Graduate (1967)

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In this spectacular, and almost comical ending, Benjamin Braddock "rescues" Elaine Robinson from the fate of a somewhat arranged marriage, by entering the church in which she is to be married and in on of the most classic scenes of all time banging on the glass of the balcony shouting "Elaine! Elaine!" he then proceeds to usher her out of the church amid angry parents and guests who literally try to strangle him. he fights them off with a symbolic cross he picks up, and then locks them inside the church by putting the cross through the handles of the doors. The ending scene is of Benjamin and Elaine "escaping" from their parents world on a bus. They are happy, not about being with one another, but about defying their parents, rebelling against what they have lived with for so long: upper middle class assholes. They are less happy, and more content, they smile occasionally in this one minute long closeup of their faces, the credits roll.


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Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?



Mrs. Robinson picks up the phone to call the police on Benjamin who has broken into her house but if you look closely she never dials the phone.



After Elaine screams and landlord Norman Fell comes to Benjamin's door, one of the boarding-house kids asks, "Should I get the cops?" Look closely: That kid is Richard Dreyfus.