The Graduate

Trivia: After Elaine screams and landlord Norman Fell comes to Benjamin's door, one of the boarding-house kids asks, "Should I get the cops?" Look closely: That kid is Richard Dreyfus.

Trivia: A change from the theatrical re-release for the 25th anniversary and the video release. In the first Taft Hotel bedroom scene, a nervous Ben asks Mrs. Robinson if she would like "Wood or Wire [hanger]?" In the theater, her response was, "wood." Which led to the wonderful pratfall of Ben trying to take the wood one, which wouldn't come off. But it was changed in the 25th anniversary video release and her response was, "Either one would be fine."

Trivia: The stocking-clad leg in the film's promotional poster isn't Anne Bancroft's, its actress Linda Grey's leg.

Trivia: In the night scene that was filmed in North Beach on Broadway you can see Hoffman almost get into a real fist fight with drunks who were not members of the cast.


Trivia: Mrs. Robinson is supposed to be much older than Ben. In fact Anne Bancroft was only six years older than Dustin Hoffman.


Trivia: Even though Anne Bancroft plays Katharine Ross' mother in the movie, she was only 8 years older than Ross.

Trivia: William Daniels plays Dustin Hoffman's father in the movie, even though in real life he's only 10 years older than Hoffman.

Trivia: When Ben rings up Mrs Robinson, to ask her to have sex with him in the hotel, and she says she'll be thirty minutes. While waiting for her, Ben goes into the ballroom, where an affair is taking place. The two women who greet Ben are both regulars in the TV series "Bewitched"; the first is Alice Ghostley, the nosy neighbour, and the second is Sam's whacky aunt who often lands in the fireplace, when her radar for landing spots goes mad, again.


Continuity mistake: Mrs. Robinson picks up the phone to call the police on Benjamin who has broken into her house but if you look closely she never dials the phone. (01:35:10)

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Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?

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