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Corrected entry: Benjamin runs up to the front door of the church and finds it locked. This may be a deliberate choice of the director because they need a reason to get Benjamin up to the second floor window so they lock the front door of the church. It's not locked when he leaves the church. (01:41:40)


Correction: The church doors were locked from the outside because the wedding is going on, but can be opened up from the inside to allow people to leave when it's over. This is a very common lock system on doors, especially in cities.

Corrected entry: As Mrs. Robinson sits at the bar, Benjamin says, "You really didn't think I'd do something like that?" and you can see the shadow of a crew member's head moving behind the bar. (00:12:15)


Correction: The shadow is Mrs Robinson's head moving back and forth.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, Benjamin has returned to Los Angeles from college and is riding a moving walkway through the airport. Although the tag on his bag says LAX (the airport code for the Los Angeles International airport) that airport has never had a moving walkway.

Correction: Prior to the major remodel completed in 1984, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) did have moving walkways in nearly every terminal. They were certainly in place in the late 1960's.

Corrected entry: In one scene Ben and Elaine are supposed to be at UC Berkeley, but the buildings visible in the background are actually the Doheney Library and the Von Kleinsmid Center, which are located at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

Correction: Using one location for another is not a mistake. Locations stand in for others all the time - films set in Los Angeles are frequently shot in Toronto (for tax purposes) and Full Metal Jacket, set in South Carolina and Vietnam, was shot in London's Docklands.

Corrected entry: From the cafe, DH spots Katherine Ross on a bus, so he gets on too. In the next scene, they're at a zoo and she asks him what he's doing "here" in Berkeley. The zoo is actually in San Francisco.

Correction: Elaine isn't asking Ben why he's at the zoo, because that's not important. She's asking him, in essence, what he is doing "here" in her presence. There could be many reasons why she said "Here in Berkeley", the best could be that she didn't want to make a scene on the bus in front of people, so she just didn't ask until they were alone together.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, Ben returns to Elaine's home after she quits school and finds her mother in her room. He rushes off in his car to stop Elaine's wedding in Santa Barbara and is confronted by the people attending the wedding, including Elaine's mother. Mrs. Robinson couldn't have gotten there before Ben did.

Correction: Mrs. Robinson could have gotten there before Ben did - just because she lives in L.A., and Ben first has to rush to Berkeley to ask Carl's fellow students where the wedding takes place, and then back to Santa Barbara. No wonder that his Alfa was in need of some gas.

Continuity mistake: Mrs. Robinson picks up the phone to call the police on Benjamin who has broken into her house but if you look closely she never dials the phone. (01:35:10)


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Suggested correction: Since we never see the police come in, we're not for sure she actually called them as Mrs. Robinson is known to lie and manipulate. All we hear are tires screeching and as we see no police pursuing him, it's unlikely.

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Trivia: After Elaine screams and landlord Norman Fell comes to Benjamin's door, one of the boarding-house kids asks, "Should I get the cops?" Look closely: That kid is Richard Dreyfus.

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