The Graduate

Visible crew/equipment: As Benjamin runs up to the church we see a crew member move something out of the camera's view in the lower left hand portion of the screen.



Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin gets angry with Mrs. Robinson and overturns the suitcase that's on the bed. If you look closely the film jumps as he hits the camera when he throws it.



Visible crew/equipment: As Benjamin and Elaine run to the back of the bus you can see the shadow of the cameraman moving across the people on the left.



Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin stands up and we see a large moving shadow on the wall behind him, as Mrs. Robinson accidentally walks into his room thinking it's the bathroom.



Visible crew/equipment: The Robinson's have a mirrored headboard and as they zoom in on Mrs. Robinson as she calls the police, if you look closely you can see the camera's shadow move across the sofa in the mirror.



Visible crew/equipment: After he takes her home, there's a rear tracking shot of Benjamin walking Mrs. Robinson down the hallway into the bar area of her house. The shadow of the cameraman's head can be seen on the left of the doorway just after they enter the room.



Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin walks up to the hotel desk clerk to get a room and the camera moves in on a decorative wooden partition sitting on the left of the front desk. If you look closely the camera gently hits it.



Visible crew/equipment: Benjamin brings up Mrs. Robinson's purse and she says, "All right then put it in Elaine's room" and the shadow of the camera man's head can be seen on the right of the screen on the door.



Visible crew/equipment: As they walked out of Benjamin's room to go downstairs to the party the shadow of the boom mike can be seen moving across the left side of the hall way.



Visible crew/equipment: As Benjamin and his parents go downstairs to the party the film jumps as the cameraman accidentally hits the door while walking in front of them as they leave the room.



Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning of the movie Benjamin talks to his father in his room before he and his parents go downstairs to the party. As they walk out of his room the shadow of a cameraman can be seen on the left of the door.



Visible crew/equipment: Before Benjamin and his parents go downstairs to the party the camera shadow can be seen on his mother's back as she helps him put on his jacket.



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Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?



Mrs. Robinson picks up the phone to call the police on Benjamin who has broken into her house but if you look closely she never dials the phone.



After Elaine screams and landlord Norman Fell comes to Benjamin's door, one of the boarding-house kids asks, "Should I get the cops?" Look closely: That kid is Richard Dreyfus.