Revealing mistake: When Proximo is having his speech for the slaves as he says "And as your mothers were there at your beginning" there is a shot of a man throwing a spear at another man. Look at the spear as it flies through the air. It wiggles as if it is attached to a wire. (00:48:40)


Continuity mistake: When Commodus and Lucilla are talking while Commodus sits on his throne, the shots change from in front of Lucilla and behind her. When it's behind her it is the wind is blowing through her shawl. When it's in front of her it's not blowing. (01:00:50)


Revealing mistake: When the Roman soldiers throws bowls of oil on the servants and set them on fire, the protective mask on the burning servant standing up is visible. (Extended version only). (02:19:00)


Revealing mistake: At the end, when Maximus had gone to afterlife world of Elysium and was meeting his wife and son, both the wife and the son put their hands up as to shield the sun from their eyes. You can clearly see that their hands are not blocking out the sun, because the shadows are not over the eyes. (02:19:45)

Continuity mistake: When Commodus arrives and asks Aurelius if he has missed the fight, Aurelius' hair is blowing in the wind. When it cuts from behind Aurelius his hair is not moving. (00:15:50)


Continuity mistake: During the first gladiator battle Maximus grabs another gladiator's sword by the blade. Two shots later he is holding the sword by its handle with no time to change grip. (00:54:20)


Audio problem: When Commodus is talking with Lucilla before the Battle of Carthage as he is saying "I could announce the dissolution of the senate...". It cuts from behind him and he says "...are the people ready?", however his lips don't synch up with what he says. (01:32:25)


Continuity mistake: When Maximus comes back to his tent after seeing Aurelius dead he tells Cicero to wake Gaius and Falco. Then he says "Sword" and Cicero gives Maximus something and walks away as Maximus turns around. When it cuts Maximus turns around again. (00:37:05)


Continuity mistake: During the battle of Carthage, Hagen stands alone with an arrow in his shield, couple of scenes on, no arrow, couple of scenes on again, an arrow hits his shield. (01:21:20)

Revealing mistake: When Maximus is being taken to be executed he escapes - when he whacks the last man round the face look closely and you see he slashes about a foot away from the soldier's face. (00:38:45)

gandolfs dad

Continuity mistake: When Maximus has escaped being executed in the forest, he throws a sword into a soldier. Slow it down, the sword is actually already there in one shot, then it appears suddenly. Also the sword penetrates the left side of the body near the heart, yet when we see the soldier falling from the horse it's in the middle, then back to the left side. (00:39:00)


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Revealing mistake: When Hagen pretends to choke on the beans, just after he finishes laughing, there is a shot of him sitting between Maximus and Juba. You can see his non-Roman underpants. (01:36:35)

Revealing mistake: When Maximus is riding against the Germanians, as he meets the first Germanian, he hits the Germanian's spear and hits him with his sword. However, the hit isn't even close, but about 30 centimeters from the Germanian. This is even seen without slow motion. (00:09:30)


Continuity mistake: At the slave market when Proximo is checking Juba, he grabs Juba on his wrist above the lock. When it cuts he has grabbed him below the lock. (00:47:20)


Continuity mistake: After Juba has thrown the sword to Maximus, Maximus tries to gather the gladiators by shouting "Single column, single column," then it cuts to him charging on his horse while holding his sword arm out. When it cuts from behind him he is holding his sword arm in front of him instead. (01:24:10)


Continuity mistake: When Hagen is shot in his leg with an arrow he is holding the arrow in his leg. Maximus notices the chariot charging for Hagen and he shouts "Hagen". It cuts to Maximus running against Hagen, but now we can see that there is no arrow in Hagen's foot. When it cuts to Maximus reaching Hagen and pushing him away from the chariot the arrow is back in his leg. (01:22:45)


Factual error: The last gladiator to be killed when Maximus is chained to Juba holds a trident. This kind of gladiator is called a "retiarius." They're also the ones who fight using nets. The shoulder armour was always worn on the left shoulder, not the right, because left-handedness was frowned upon in Ancient Rome. Also "retiarius" never wore face masks for helmets as it would give them too much of an advantage. Every Gladiator was given equal advantage depending on their specialty. (00:55:25)

Continuity mistake: When the Roman soldier shoots the signal arrow before the attack against the Germanians, you can see his bow twist at least 45 degrees between the shots. (00:07:25)


Continuity mistake: At the end of the battle with Tigris of Gaul, Maximus kills the tiger that leaps on top of him and throws it off to the side. In the next shot the tiger is back on top of him and he has to fight with it laying on his stomach. Later the tiger is once again off to the side. (01:42:15)

Continuity mistake: When Maximus says "On my signal, unleash hell" he takes off with his horse. Then he rides through a stand with soldiers and the soldiers gets up on their feet. Then it cuts to a close-up of Maximus riding and as the camera zooms out the soldiers gets on their feet again. (00:05:30)


Commodus: The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do. And what could be more glorious than to challenge the Emperor himself in the great arena?
Maximus: You would fight me?
Commodus: Why not? Do you think I am afraid?
Maximus: I think you've been afraid all your life.

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Trivia: The two prostitutes who were all over Maximus after his first battle in Rome, and after the fight with Tigris when Cicero gave him the idols, are both amateur adult film stars. Prostitutes were very common during this time and were often rewards for gladiators who had proven their mettle by surviving many battles.


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Question: I don't know whether this is a mistake or if there was a certain reason for it but, at the end of the movie when Maximus tells Quintus to free his men, Quintus turns to the line of guards standing behind him and says, "Free the prisoners, go!" Two of the guards standing next to each other immediately go to free the prisoners, and the rest of the guards don't budge. How did those two guards know that the orders were given directly to them?

dan coakley..

Chosen answer: Because they would be the ranking soldiers, and accustomed to being given orders. Being disciplined, they would obey Quintus without question. The legions would necessarily have soldiers assigned to following orders at different times, similar to how a captain would give an order to a full room, and the first mate would be the one to carry out the order.


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