Continuity mistake: Watch as the Germanian leader gets killed. A soldier charges and stabs him on his left side. When it cuts the soldier charges and stabs him again. (00:03:35)


Gladiator mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When we get to the comedy play fight between Maximus and Commodus, we look at the front of the stage and we see the actor playing Maximus is standing in the middle of the stage and the one playing Commodus on the right side. When we get a view from back of the stage 'Maximus' is standing on the left side of the stage and 'Commodus' in the middle. They have suddenly switched sides. (01:49:55)


Continuity mistake: In the final fight scene between Commodus and Maximus when Commodus loses his sword and Maximus drops his, we see Lucilla stand up but when it goes back to Maximus she is sitting back down, this happens a lot during the close-ups in this scene. (02:15:55)

Revealing mistake: When the firesquad has executed the two prisoners it cuts to a closeup of Lucilla. Later when it's time for Maximus to fight Commodus the exact closeup shot of Lucilla is being used over again. (Extended version only). (01:47:15 - 02:29:10)


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene on the DVD where Maximus' son is lunging his horse, just before he gets killed, the camera pans to show a view of the house in the background. On the right side of the house you can see two aerial power cables between the trees. You need a good resolution screen to pick it out: it's visible on my computer monitor but not on my television. (00:41:10)

Visible crew/equipment: After Maximus defeats Tigris of Gaul, there are Praetorians shown coming out of a gate on the left-hand side into the arena. In the next shot, you can see an open gate at the far end of the arena and you can see some kind of golf cart-like vehicle driving by on the outside of the Colosseum. It is very a motorized vehicle because there is no horse and it moves too smoothly. (01:43:55)

Continuity mistake: When the two guys in white are having a drink outside of Rome, the guy with the white beard looks outside, and he has his hand on his chin, yet in the following shot it's nowhere near his chin. (01:02:30)


Visible crew/equipment: During the Germanian battle, when Maximus falls off his horse you can see the ramp, on which the fake horse (yes it's fake, as shown in Special Features in the Extended 3 Disc Edition), is being pushed forward on and finally ejected off. (00:10:00)


Continuity mistake: In the wagon, when Commodus gets up and sits down beside Lucilla, the sunlight coming over his shoulder changes between the shots. (00:13:00)


Audio problem: When Proximo has lined up his slaves and says "And when you die, and die you shall. Your transition shall be to the sound of..." then he starts clapping. We hear the clapping and it cuts to Proximo clapping once then stops, but we can still hear one extra clap. (00:48:55)


Continuity mistake: When Commodus is holding Aurelius and says "Father.", he is holding Aurelius by the top of his head. When it cuts to a close-up of Aurelius looking up at Commodus, right before Commodus kills him, we see Commodus holding his chin instead of his head. (00:33:55)


Continuity mistake: When Lucilla is making tonic for Commodus there is a close-up of her hand mixing the tonic. We can see on the table there is nothing near the glass except for a purple bottle which is probably 5 centimeters from the glass. When it cuts and she puts away the spoon she tips something over on the table right next to the glass. However it can't be the purple bottle because it would have to be closer to the glass in order for Lucilla to hit it. (01:12:55)


Continuity mistake: Right before the attack on the Germanians when Maximus gets to his soldiers and shouts "Fratres.", you can see two soldiers walking right behind him. When it cuts to the soldiers shouting "Maximus.", the two soldiers behind him has suddenly disappeared. (00:06:15)


Revealing mistake: During the first gladiator battle there is a shot of Maximus stabbing another gladiator. When it cuts from behind that gladiator it is obvious that the sword is resting in his armpit before Maximus pulls it out. This happens a few shots after Hagen chops off his fellow gladiator's hand. (00:54:45)


Continuity mistake: When the chariot crashes through the gate we see the gates get busted in an exploding inferno. But when it cuts, the gates are intact again. (01:22:55)


Continuity mistake: When the chariot runs in through the gate we see the gate slightly open. When it cuts to the chariots hitting the chain and tipping over the gate is suddenly wide open. It could not have opened that fast. (01:22:55)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hagen is faking a choke you see Juba holding his bowl of food with both hands. When it cuts back he is holding it in his left hand only. (01:36:35)


Revealing mistake: During the first battle the Romans had with the Germans, they show a scene in slow motion with very emotive music that shows the massacre in the forest. Look closely at all the Romans and you will see one fall to the ground, then, as if it was a rewind, come back up again - and then fall again.

Continuity mistake: In one scene, where you see a view of the Colosseum and its flags, all the flags are pointing towards the middle and that's strange keeping in mind the wind comes from one direction. (01:11:45)

Revealing mistake: When Proximo is having his speech for the slaves as he says "And as your mothers were there at your beginning" there is a shot of a man throwing a spear at another man. Look at the spear as it flies through the air. It wiggles as if it is attached to a wire. (00:48:40)


Commodus: The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do. And what could be more glorious than to challenge the Emperor himself in the great arena?
Maximus: You would fight me?
Commodus: Why not? Do you think I am afraid?
Maximus: I think you've been afraid all your life.

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Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, where the Roman army is assembled waiting for the enemy to come into the open, the Germans in the woods are chanting menacingly. A portion of the chant they repeat sounds something like "Boom whattey. HEEYUH!" This soundbyte is cut-and-pasted from the movie Zulu, it is the battle cry the Zulu warriors make as they advance on the British outpost. They didn't just have new actors record the chant, they used the exact same soundbyte. You can even hear at intervals of every seven or eight chants they end by crying "ZULU!"

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Question: In regard to the scene in which Maximus (Russell Crowe) kills all the challengers and says "Are you not entertained?" can someone explain the people's silence before cheering? Why would they wait to cheer? Was it because they were so stunned at how good he was or insulted by how quick he finished it? It just seems very peculiar.

Lummie Premium member

Chosen answer: You're probably closest with the suggestion that they're rather stunned at the sheer speed with which Maximus has carved through the opposition. They'd certainly be used to more of a show, so for Maximus to slay all his challengers in less than a minute would take them aback. If anything, the "Are you not entertained" is closer to the theatrics that they'd really expect to see, which would prompt them into cheering him - up to that point, he's not exactly won their favour, even though he's defeated all comers.

Tailkinker Premium member

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