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Corrected entry: When Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are in the car with two other members of project mayhem, the car crashes and Brad Pitt pulls Ed Norton from the wreckage. How can a figment of your imagination drive a car and pull you from the wreckage? Listen to the commentary on the DVD and it tells all.

Correction: This is not trivia unless you actually explain the point you are making.

Corrected entry: When Ed Norton is beating the crap out of beautiful Angelface, he makes him bleed a lot, and his whole face is covered in blood. But when Ed Norton walks away, he nudges another guy out of the way, and you can see his hand in the bit of light. If you look closely at his hand, there is no blood anywhere.

Correction: What is shown is the left side of his left hand. If you pay attention to the fight, he uses his right hand mostly. It's plausible that there could be no blood on the part of the hand that was shown.


Corrected entry: At the end, Tyler sits on the large case and says that there's 60 seconds until the bombs go off. Yet after all is said and done with Tyler's demise, the bombs go off nearly five minutes later. (02:11:50 - 02:15:30)


Correction: Two things offer some explanation for this, firstly all interaction between Tyler and Jack is inside their head so concievably their converstations could take place in the space of a second or two real time. Secondly the bombs are homemade and unlikely to be dead on accurate with the timing devices which would allow a small amount of leeway.

Corrected entry: Project Mayhem has a fundamental flaw in its execution. Tyler wants to erase all credit card and other financial records by blowing up the headquarters of major credit card and other finance related companies. Unfortunately for Tyler, these companies back up all their data, usually at the end of each day. The data is stored at a Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) which is away from the main building, usually in an anonymous warehouse way out in the suburbs. If the main storage facility at corporate headquarters is destroyed, the data is recoverable from the DRS. While there would be considerable disruption, the credit card companies would still know their customers outstanding debt balances. By way of example, the 9/11 terrorist attacks caused a great deal of disruption for the financial institutions around the World Trade Centre. However, very little data was lost permanently.

Correction: Isn't this just a mistake in thinking on Tyler's part? He doesn't realize that the records are backed up off site, lots of movies have one of the characters making a thinking mistake and I don't think that it's an error in the movie, but just an error in the knowledge of the character.

Corrected entry: During the scene when the members of fight club are lined up getting their assignments, you can see Bob in the background using an oxygen mask because the producers feared meatloaf would hyperventilate from the weight of the fat suit. (01:19:35)

Correction: This isn't a mistake it's part of the movie. He's just so fat (in the movie) that he must have brought one with him.

Corrected entry: Towards the end when Jack/Tyler and Marla are standing and watching the exploding buildings, we can see that in these buildings the lights are on. This means that people must have been in there. The intention was not to kill anyone. (02:10:00)

Correction: Not necessarily. I used to work in an office building and no one ever turned the lights off at night. Our whole floor would be lit up at midnight (I drove by it on the random Saturday night), but no one was there.


Correction: Jack asked Tyler about janitors and security guards, and Tyler assures him they are all members of Project Mayhem and are out of the buildings. They would have left the lights on to avoid suspicion.

Brian Katcher

Corrected entry: In the scene when Tyler, (Ed Norton), and 2 other guys from the house are speeding down the road in the rain at night, after the car accident, Tyler goes through his window, and over their car that is flipped upside down to check on (Ed Norton). When he is crawling across the car to get to the other side, he places his hands on the exhaust pipes that run from the exhaust manifolds on the motor to the catalytic converter.. I realize the adrenaline is probably pumping, but those are 200+ degrees and he doesn't flinch or show any sign of pain when grabbing them with his hands.

Timothy Conard

Correction: Tyler is a figment of Ed Norton's imagination, so he can do anything Norton wants him to.

Corrected entry: In the end scene, Tyler continually checks his watch and dictates the time. At one point, he says 60 seconds. If you actually time it, it takes a lot more than 60 seconds before the explosions, I think it's something on the order of two minutes.

Correction: The time between Tyler saying '60 seconds' and the explosions had to be longer than a minute in order to include all the necessary dialog. If you recall, when the characters played by Ed Norton and Brad Pitt speak to each other its actually one person speaking to himself. Since Tyler Durden is just talking to himself, theoretically all of this could've happened in his head in well under a minute.

Corrected entry: Nitroglycerine usually has to be prepared at below zero degrees - usually around 30 degrees below - when preparing it from first principles. Therefore it is highly unlikely Tyler and Co. would be able to prepare it in the basement of that house in Paper Street without blowing themselves apart when mixing the tallow with the compounds mixed from Nitrogen and the various other things.

Correction: Not entirely true. While it is easier to make Nitroglycerine when it is cold because it is less reactive, it is possible to create it at room tempature. As long as the stuff doesn't jar at all, it cannot explode.

Corrected entry: Bob is only shot once with a handgun, but that one bullet somehow manages to blow half his head off. There's no way one bullet could do that, especially not at that range.


Correction: A large caliber handgun could easily make an exit wound that size.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: During the scene where the boss finds Norton's rules, before Norton gets up to talk about stalking the office with a machine gun, look at the cigarette smoke coming from an ash tray behind him. It appears, then suddenly disappears. (01:04:45)

Correction: The smoke is visible in every instance in which it is present. The camera moves into space in which it wouldn't go. Even so, smoke like that drifts and is not consistent.


Corrected entry: When Ed Norton's character is on the toilet ordering stuff from Furni, he tosses the magazine down with the cover facing up. If you pay close attention while he's holding it, you can clearly see the title printed in big letters. However, when it lands on the table, the cover is different - it's managed to flip itself over in midair and has landed face down. (00:04:50)

Correction: He simply closed it from the other side.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Tyler runs the car off the road, it ends up upside down with the rear wheels spinning. The car is a Lincoln Town Car, which is rear-wheel drive, meaning it must have been in neutral when Tyler had no opportunity or reason to shift.

Correction: Every car I've ever owned can be put into neutral merely by moving the shift lever. The catch does not need to be released as it does when shifting from Park, Reverse, or Drive to any other of the same. The car was knocked into neutral simply in the course of the wreck.


Corrected entry: Close to the end of the movie, Edward Norton shoots his gun at Brad Pitt. The bullet hole in the van is visible, but Edward Norton shoots again, but no bullet hole, or even a sound of ricochet is evident.

Correction: This is because he is firing a gun at Tyler, a figment from his mind. We see no bullet hole anywhere because he fires at Tyler's body, which blocks the view of the background. We hear no ricochet because Edward Norton's character is so focused on Tyler, that he simply blocks out the sound.

Corrected entry: After Tyler Durden is shown splicing porn film frames into the children's film, the audio of the woman moaning should not be heard. All that would be heard is a quick pop in the sound, if even that.

Daniel Garner

Correction: It wasn't heard. The movie-goers did not hear the moaning, nor did the filmmakers intend for that to be the case; the moaning was, like Norton's narration, not meant to be within the setting of the movie. Submitting this as a mistake is much like claiming that it is a mistake that nobody hears Norton's narration. Norton says that the viewers don't know that they saw the image.but if the moaning was in the film itself, I doubt that would be the case.

Corrected entry: When Jack shoots himself in the mouth, you can see the bullet come from his mouth even though the exit wound is under his left ear.


Correction: If you watch it in slow motion, that's a tooth - not the bullet.

Corrected entry: When Bob is shot in the head, he is shot in the back of the head. But when you see Bob laying on the table back at the headquarters it is the back of his head that is missing. The exit wound of the bullet would have left a huge hole in the front of the head not the back. (01:46:00)

Correction: The injury shown is the rear/top section of the skull is gone. In fact, a gunshot is unlikely to cause such an injury, but the bullet hitting with just the right force at just the right angle, MIGHT have caused it. Besides, the Warren Commission proved that a gunshot from the back will blow the back of the head out - see JFK.

Corrected entry: During the scene where Tyler and company crash into the parked car, there are two shots of the speedometer. It reads zero both times even though they are portrayed as moving at a high rate of speed. (01:39:05)

Correction: The first shot of the speedo at 1:40:02 (it's digital, not analog) shows 60, not 00. The second shot at 1:40:06 does not show the speedo, but shows other gauges. They are very blurry even on the DVD, so they might look like a speedo on a tape.

Corrected entry: In the bathroom scene when project mayhem are confronting the city council member, Brad Pitt's character is the one pushing the council man into the bathroom and to the floor, however at the same time we see Edward Norton's character locking the bathroom door, as one is a figment of the others imagination it should not be possible for them both to be touching different things at the same time.

Correction: Everything that the Narrator does in that sequence is in his imagination. He's unsure about the whole thing, doesn't want to be holding down the councillor, so he imagines himself doing something relatively passive, like locking the door behind them. In fact, this was done by the last person in, the one we see going in before the Narrator enters, but mentally, he sees himself doing it - after all, he believes that he was the last one into the room, so it must have been him that locked the door.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they bring back Bob's dead body, one of the Project Mayhem members says, "They shot Bob." About a minute later, someone says that members of project mayhem have no names.

Correction: Seeing how Bob broke the first two rules of Fight Club when talking to Edward Norton, it is highly possible that Bob would break another by telling people his name. Seeing how his fellow members were distraught about seeing Bob shot, they let the "no names" rule slip.


Fight Club mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Close to the end when Edward Norton runs up to the front of the empty building and Brad Pitt appears, he tries to break the glass door by pushing a bench into the door, but it doesn't work. He doesn't move the bench and he then shoots at the glass and breaks it. When it shows him walking through the broken door, the bench has disappeared. (02:05:10)

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Tyler Durden: The first rule of fight club: You don't talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club: You do NOT talk about fight club.

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Trivia: In the very last scene, a few frames show a picture of a man's penis, just as he refers to in the movie. It is very obvious, no freeze-framing is necessary.

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Question: If Meatloaf is shot in the head, how would they get him back to the house and why would they bother? Did the security guard just leave after he shot him?

Answer: Most likely they either went back afterwards or chased the security guard off somehow. It's also possible with all their inside connections that they stole the body from police custody.

Greg Dwyer

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