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Fight Club (1999)

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film, when Ed and Brad are fighting in the parking garage, as Brad punches and throws Ed around like a rag doll, Ed's face goes back and forth between being caked in blood and being clean from shot to shot.

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Suggested correction: His face goes back and forth between being clean and bloody, because he is imagining the fight.

I'd disagree with this correction. The fact that he's throwing himself around in the scene, as seen through the security camera footage, implies that he's also hitting himself in the way's he imagines Tyler is. Unless he's pulling his punches, which I doubt, he would still have the bloodied face.

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Trivia: In the very last scene, a few frames show a picture of a man's penis, just as he refers to in the movie. It is very obvious, no freeze-framing is necessary.

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Question: If Meatloaf is shot in the head, how would they get him back to the house and why would they bother? Did the security guard just leave after he shot him?

Answer: Most likely they either went back afterwards or chased the security guard off somehow. It's also possible with all their inside connections that they stole the body from police custody.

Greg Dwyer

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