Fight Club

Trivia: There are several places where Edward Norton sees Brad Pitt for a split second before he actually meets him (not counting when he passes him on the escalator): By the photocopy machine, talking to the doctor, the testicular cancer group, Marla in the alley, and then when watching TV when the waiters say "Welcome". Also Tyler is the one who steals the Camaro, after Tyler and narrator meet for the first time.

Trivia: In the very last scene, a few frames show a picture of a man's penis, just as he refers to in the movie. It is very obvious, no freeze-framing is necessary.

Trivia: When Tyler *69s the payphone, there is a zoom shot that shows the phone in close up. You can read a label on the phone which says something like 'No incoming calls accepted' - one of the first clues as to what's really going on.

Trivia: When the Narrator turns himself in to the police and explains the goal of Project Mayhem (near the end of the film), he is interrogated by four detectives. The three that then try to kill him are named in the credits as Detectives Andrew, Kevin and Walker. Andrew Kevin Walker penned the script for Seven, which David Fincher also directed.

Trivia: When The Narrator comes back from work, Tyler Durden can be heard with Marla upstairs having sex. The phone rings and when The Narrator picks it up the boisterous romping upstairs abruptly stops. This is a hint of what is revealed later in the film. It all just comes together. (00:55:52)

Trivia: The scene showing Tyler and The Narrator hitting golf balls outside the house is actually footage of Ed Norton and Brad Pitt drunk and hitting things at the on-site catering van.

Trivia: When The Narrator is on the toilet and he's ordering furniture, he's wearing plaid boxers. When Tyler goes to pee in the soup, he's wearing white boxers. For the rest of the movie, The Narrator is wearing Tyler's underwear: when he's washing his pants and talking to Marla, and when he's running around without pants in the very first scene and the very last scene.

Trivia: The film takes place in Wilmington, Delaware. Seems an odd choice for location except for that most credit card companies and 70% of Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here. This makes Tyler's plan a little more plausible. Although it is never directly stated it takes place in Wilmington; New Castle, Delaware City, and Penns Grove, NJ, which are all very close to Wilmington, are mentioned in the car-smashing scene.

Trivia: The name of Edward Norton is not mentioned at all throughout the movie. The name 'Jack', often believed to be his name, is simply taken from a series of magazine articles that he and Tyler read early on and subsequently make references to throughout the film. The name 'Jack' was also used as the name of the Narrator in the screenplay.

Trivia: When Ed Norton has left Marla's apartment after checking her for cancer he runs into Bob outside. In their whole conversation the words 'I Like Myself' are visible all over the wall behind them, written in graffiti. You have to look carefully as only bits of the writing are shown. I just thought this was interesting as it leads in with the plot of the story.

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Trivia: On the DVD, there is a red warning title that is a regular warning title sheet. If you keep watching the title its writing changes and its a letter from Tyler.

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Trivia: When Edward Norton is putting 'Marla' on the bus, in the background you can see a movie theatre playing 'Seven Year in Tibet' [sic] (with Brad Pitt) and across the street another marquee for 'Wings of the Dove' (with Helena Bonham Carter).

Trivia: All instances of product placement are accompanied by acts of violence.

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Trivia: When Tyler Durden walks among the Fight Club members and says something like "We were raised to think that someday we will become movie gods..." and when he continued with "rock stars" he was looking at Jared Leto's character, Angel Face. I found it kind of funny since he is the lead singer of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Trivia: Paper Street, as in the street where Tyler and the Narrator live, is a cartographer's tool on maps to signify a street that doesn't exist anywhere except on a map, meaning an imaginary street, or a future planned street.

Trivia: Straight after Ed Norton says, in voiceover, "After fighting everything in your life gets the volume turned down," his boss says two things. The first thing is purposely inaudible and the second is "Have you finished those reports?" However, the first thing that his boss says is actually "What are you getting yourself into every week?" possibly one more indication that people are picking up on what is happening and that Ed Norton is rejecting reality.

Trivia: After the Narrator beats himself up in his boss's office, there's a shot of him carrying out computers and fax machines. Everyone looks at him with surprise and disgust, but you can spot Ricky, a co-worker who's also in Fight Club, as the only one smiling.

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Trivia: As The Narrator is watching the promotional hotel video in his suite, an army of white-jacked servants come on screen to welcome the guest to their happy place of business. Front row, far right happens to be Brad Pitt. This is in no way to further the plot, it was just a silly inclusion that no one seems to catch (as states Pitt on the DVD commentary). (00:20:17)

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Tyler Durden: The first rule of fight club: You don't talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club: You do NOT talk about fight club.



Close to the end when Edward Norton runs up to the front of the empty building and Brad Pitt appears, he tries to break the glass door by pushing a bench into the door, but it doesn't work. He doesn't move the bench and he then shoots at the glass and breaks it. When it shows him walking through the broken door, the bench has disappeared.