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Fight Club (1999)

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Edward Norton's character, The Narrator, joins forces with anarchist Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), and they create a fight club, in which everyday persons join to fight. The Club gets bigger and bigger, when it finally reaches to a point where it's members, including Tyler and the Narrator, can perform destructive acts of sabotage and mayhem. After The Narrator becomes weak after a car crash, Tyler informs him that his dream is to have mankind start all over again, from point zero... When the Narrator wakes up, Tyler is gone, and only a pack of flight tickets with his name on have a clue on his current location. The Narrator goes through America, hoping to find Tyler, but it seems that everybody's confusing between the Narrator and Tyler Durden. While in his Motel, The Narrator call Tyler's girlfriend, Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), but she hangs up on him, saying that he, and not Tyler, left her. When the Narrator hangs up the phone, he looks around and sees Tyler sitting in front of him. "Why does everybody confuse between us?" he asks him, to which Tyler response: "Why do you think anybody would confuse between us both?". The Narrator freezes - he suddenly realizes the horrific Truth. Tyler Durden and him are actually... the same Person. Tyler is a split personality of the Narrator. When realizing that, Tyler informs him of his plan: to blow up all the credit card buildings, and by that having the mankind to start all over again. The Narrator is determind to stop it. He informs Marla to leave before bursting into one of the buildings and disarming the bomb in its bottom. Tyler (shown as Brad Pitt) is dissapointed. He fights the Narrator (He's actually fighting himself), pulls out a gun and carries him to the top of the building, from which he can see the Mayhem. However, since they are the same person, The Narrator realises that the gun is in his hand. In order to destroy Tyler, he shoots himself in the Jaw - Tyler disappears, but mergers with the Narrtaor. Marla and a group of Fight Club members arrive, and togather with the enlightened Narrator are watching the credit card buildings fall down.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the film, when the narrator and Tyler are fighting in the basement, Tyler slams the narrator's head into the wall by the van. For a split second, before the shot changes, the 'concrete' wall visibly buckles inwards. (02:03:35)

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Narrator: I wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every panda who wouldn't screw to save his species, I wanted to dump oil over all those French beaches I'd never see, I wanted to breath smoke... I felt like destroying something beautiful.

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Trivia: In the very last scene, a few frames show a picture of a man's penis, just as he refers to in the movie. It is very obvious, no freeze-framing is necessary.

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Question: What exactly is the significance of the narrator calling all the addresses that are in the information folders from his house after Tyler leaves? Was he trying to warn them of an impending danger?

Answer: After he realized Tyler's true nature at the hotel, Tyler made many phone calls. Jack called the same phone numbers and realized that they corresponded to the buildings mentioned on the Project Mayhem folders. He had to confirm this, so he called a couple different buildings. He tried to tell the building operators that something was up, but they're already assisting Project Mayhem and could not be dissuaded. In desperation Jack went to the police...


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