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Corrected entry: Nitroglycerine usually has to be prepared at below zero degrees - usually around 30 degrees below - when preparing it from first principles. Therefore it is highly unlikely Tyler and Co. would be able to prepare it in the basement of that house in Paper Street without blowing themselves apart when mixing the tallow with the compounds mixed from Nitrogen and the various other things.

Correction: Not entirely true. While it is easier to make Nitroglycerine when it is cold because it is less reactive, it is possible to create it at room tempature. As long as the stuff doesn't jar at all, it cannot explode.

Corrected entry: In the very last scene where Edward Norton shoots himself to get rid of Brad Pitt, he survives because the shot exits his head somewhere under his left ears but you can clearly see that Brad Pitt has an exit wound on the back of his head. So why, if they are the same person, do they have different exit wounds? (02:08:15)

Correction: The only way to cure a split personality is to have a serious traumatic expierence occur and the bullet to the head (or cheek) is a pretty traumatic experience. The two wounds don't have to match exactly - Brad Pitt's fatal wound is just a manifestation of his being killed off by Ed Norton.

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Continuity mistake: Close to the end when Edward Norton runs up to the front of the empty building and Brad Pitt appears, he tries to break the glass door by pushing a bench into the door, but it doesn't work. He doesn't move the bench and he then shoots at the glass and breaks it. When it shows him walking through the broken door, the bench has disappeared. (02:05:10)

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Tyler Durden: The first rule of fight club: You don't talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club: You do NOT talk about fight club.

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Trivia: There are several places where Edward Norton sees Brad Pitt for a split second before he actually meets him - beside the photocopy machine, talking to the doctor, at the testicular cancer group, when Marla is in the alley, and when watching TV when the waiters say "Welcome". Also Tyler is the one who steals the Camaro after Tyler and the narrator meet for the first time.

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