Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Continuity mistake: When LJ shows his custom guns to the STARS, he opens his coat and pulls the tail behind his back. In the wide shot, his arms are out to the sides. (00:37:15)


Character mistake: Jill states that a 5 kiloton nuclear weapon will sanitise the city, however, such a yield is far too small to destroy the city. (00:42:00)

Revealing mistake: When Yuri gets bitten while the SWAT team, along with the local PD, fight the zombies on the streets, Carlos and Yuri almost get bitten by a zombie, but they are saved by their 3rd member. Right after that we see a sign reading "Pizza Pizza" which is the largest pizza company in Ontario, Canada. There are no locations in the US.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Nikolai is bitten and the horde bears down on the police and S.T.A.R.S., you can see some crew members and a floodlight. (00:29:35)

Deliberate mistake: When Jill and Angela are in the cafeteria, and the first dog comes running at Jill, if you look closely, you can see Jill bounces back with impact before the dog actually hits her.

Plot hole: In the school building, Nikolai is mauled by the police dogs that were affected by the T-virus. We see him lying dead on the ground several minutes after the attack and he still hasn't become a zombie. However, when someone dies they almost instantly come back.

Continuity mistake: When Alice has refused to finish Nemesis off, she stands alone. Mr. Bad Guy tells Nemesis to kill her, and two Umbrella men suddenly appear out of nowhere beside her.

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where they're on the airplane, and the bomb has just been landed, there's a sharp instrument that's loose and starts going towards Angela, and Alice takes the fall. If you watch closely, the sharp instrument is aiming towards Alice's right shoulder, but ends up meeting her stomach.

Factual error: In the cemetery scene about 1/4 through the movie, you see a corpse with meal worms eating its head. It's a cemetery, not a bait shop. What, is the corpse a fisherman? I am pretty sure you would never see this in real life. Meal worms eat mostly bran, fruit and vegetables and fish eat them. Worms and maggots yeah, but not mealies.


Alice: My Alice. And I remember everything.

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Trivia: The method by which Alice disposes of the zombie dogs (by throwing a flaming object into a gas filled kitchen) is similar to one of the numerous ways Jill Valentine defeats Nemesis in 'Resident Evil 3'.

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