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Other mistake: As Plisken escapes in the hijacked chopper, Quervo Jones picks up a bazooka and prepares to fire on it. As Fast Eddy shoots him through the chest, watch the bazooka. You can see right through the barrel. In other words, there is no ammo in the weapon. (01:25:05)

Other mistake: Snake is taken to the sports arena. We see a man in a basketball court racing a timer to score hoops. He fails miserably and is riddled by dozens of gunmen stationed all around the court. The crossfire would have killed more than just the unlucky basketballer. (00:56:05)

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Other mistake: Snake finds a pack of cigarettes at the end of the film. Since they've been illegal for so long, why does the pack look brand new? It should be covered in years of dust, or completely decomposed.

Other mistake: When the President asks someone to connect him to the White House to talk to his warn his wife as Cuerva threatens the power outage, an extra hands him the phone, but does nothing to contact the White House (OK, someone off-screen could be doing it, but the President was talking directly to this extra). A mere 3 seconds later, he is asking the (White House) operator to connect to his wife. Just 1 second after that, she's on the line. (00:53:25)


Other mistake: When Snake lands in LA in the sub, it shoots out of the water, lands on a concrete pier, and hits a wall at a very high speed. Its future technology must be why it doesn't crumple up like a tin can; but Snake exits the sub just fine, despite there being no apparent safety harness. As this is just a decade or so in the future (and not a century or more), it is highly unlikely that this society's technology has advanced to a state where the basic laws of physics can be broken. (00:23:10)


Escape From L.A. mistake picture

Other mistake: When Snake starts up the sub, the turbine is referred to as being at 75% power. The display shows "0.75" which is 75%, but there is also a "%" symbol above the numbers. Either the display is bizarrely constructed or the power output is stated incorrectly. (00:21:20)


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Utopia: He did it. He shut down the Earth!

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Trivia: John Carpenter's movie "Ghosts of Mars" originally began life as a third "Escape from..." movie, which would have involved Snake Plisskin being trapped on Mars on a mission. It was ultimately retooled into a stand-alone sci-fi/horror movie, and Plisskin was rewritten into the character "Desolation Williams," portrayed by actor/rapper Ice Cube.


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Question: Commander Malloy is following Snake in the sub on radar while he is heading to L.A. After reaching the concrete platform, the platform gives way and the sub begins to sink. Malloy radios Snake asking him what happened to the sub as it disappeared off the radar. If they were following him the entire time while he was underwater, what would cause the issue when it was sinking? It wasn't damaged, just the support collapsed.


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