Escape From L.A.

Continuity mistake: When Snake rolls from one sewer pipe down into another, right before the tidal wave/surf scene, his hair is dry, but it would have been wet from being fully submersed in the water, which you can also plainly see in the previous scene where he's shot in the leg. (01:05:45)

Continuity mistake: At one point, we see Snake's countdown timer drop from 7:00:00 to 6:59:59, accompanied by the appropriate vocal. Later, Malloy tells him he's only got seven and a half hours left. (00:35:40)

Rooster of Doom

Continuity mistake: When Snake and the rest of the group are escaping in the helicopter; a rope is tied to left side of the helicopter. Carjack shoots and breaks the rope but in the immediately following shot, the part of the rope that should still be attached to the helicopter is gone. (01:25:05)

Continuity mistake: When Snake goes to retrieve the basketball before his final shot, you can see the countdown timer reach three. But, seconds later, you see the crowd counting down from four to three.

Continuity mistake: After Snake has entered the sports arena, you see a guy playing a basketball game. When it gets closer, you see him moving to the right and take a shot with eight seconds left and with six points. Then, when you get a close-up of the guy again, he is going to the left and the crowd starts counting at ten. He still has only six points. With the rules outlined at the beginning, this would not have been possible. (00:55:30)


Escape From L.A. mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Cuervo takes out Snake with the bolo on the racing cars, Snake falls to the ground; he is wearing his leather coat. When the camera shows him hitting the ground, the coat is completely off one arm, allowing it to be slipped off by the bad guy. (00:33:25)


Continuity mistake: When Snake takes his full-court shot, you see the clock is already at ten points, as he should only have eight points. Basically, they already knew he was going to hit the shot.


Continuity mistake: Snake jumps off the surf and into the car with Eddie. They fight as the car drives down an alley. There is an old man in front of them at one point, who steps out of the way of the car. They continue driving perhaps a block and stop. They speak for a moment, then Snake continues driving, past the same old man, and past some of the same parts of the alley they just passed. (01:09:00 - 01:09:35)


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Utopia: He did it. He shut down the Earth!

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Trivia: John Carpenter's movie "Ghosts of Mars" originally began life as a third "Escape from..." movie, which would have involved Snake Plisskin being trapped on Mars on a mission. It was ultimately retooled into a stand-alone sci-fi/horror movie, and Plisskin was rewritten into the character "Desolation Williams," portrayed by actor/rapper Ice Cube.


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Question: Commander Malloy is following Snake in the sub on radar while he is heading to L.A. After reaching the concrete platform, the platform gives way and the sub begins to sink. Malloy radios Snake asking him what happened to the sub as it disappeared off the radar. If they were following him the entire time while he was underwater, what would cause the issue when it was sinking? It wasn't damaged, just the support collapsed.


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