Escape From L.A.

Plot hole: Malloy and the others tell Snake that the Plutoxin 7 virus would cause nervous system shutdown without the antivirus. When he got back, it was revealed that it was just a hard hitting case of the flu. Why then did, at the base, the computer showing his countdown timer over the course of the film say when nervous system shutdown, not the full extent of the flu, would occur. Maybe for sake of the audience to avoid a spoiler, but those who had already seen the movie would notice this.

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Suggested correction: Because the countdown timer was lying to him as well. It was programmed to do so.


Revealing mistake: Painfully obvious bluescreen/CGI effect when Snake makes the motorcycle jump into the back of the pickup truck in Cuervo's motorcade. (00:32:45 - 01:08:20)

Rooster of Doom

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The President: Let's face it - he's dead.
Brazen: I agree.
Commander Mallory: Plissken's been dead so many times, I can't count them all. But he never stays down.

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Trivia: In this film, they make remarks about both N.Y. and Cleveland. Although Escape from New York was a film, the story about Cleveland only appears in the comic books.

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