Escape From L.A.

Corrected entry: When they are going down the sewer in Beverly Hills the woman goes first while "Snake" closes the manhole. Next shot he is in front of her. (00:43:00)

Correction: She is in front of Snake for the whole time they're climbing down into the sewer. Between the upper and lower ladders, for a moment it appears that Snake is in the lead (her back is to the camera, and looks like a man) - but Snake is above (behind) her in that scene.


Corrected entry: The hang gliding scene couldn't work because there is no way these people could fly these things. Flying a professionally designed glider takes several hours of training, yet these people manage to fly these home-made ones with great ease. (01:16:05)

Correction: Their ability to fly a hang-glider is not known to us. They are all tough guys; Snake is known to have been a soldier, so the others could have been as well. If so, their training could have included hang-gliding. This is supposition, but so is the claim of a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Snake shoots the surgeon general with the dart there are two reasons why that wouldn't work - 1) There isn't any muscle tissue and the skin is too thin for the dart to stick most likely. 2) The tranquilizer would never take effect that quick unless it was injected into a muscle where the blood supply is greater. Intramuscular is the preferred method for fast-acting injections. (00:41:55)


Correction: This is a future society, where technology has move forward (the guns, computer tablets, micro-discs...) so it's very feasible that a fast-acting drug has been created.


Corrected entry: When surrounded by Cuervo's men, Snake calls for Bangkok Rules. He tosses up the can, shoots the guys down, and the can hits the ground. When it does, it rolls like a regular can, but then it rights itself and sits open end up. This defies the laws of physics. It was either pulled, set with magnets, or it was very bad CG. (00:34:45)

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Correction: The can lands, but does not 'roll' as stated. It bounces a couple of times, before landing upright. While it certainly does look like an unnatural movement, in slo-mo, you can see it hitting the lip on the ground and bouncing back/upright. It doesn't quite look real, but it is possible (not likely, but 'possible') that by chance, the can actually moved like that.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Snake "surfs" onto the Caddy right before Eddy stops the car you see that the left taillight lens is broken (bright white light). But after Snake gets in the driver's seat and takes off the light is red again. (01:09:10)


Correction: There are 2 tail lights on each fin of the car. The left side, inner light, is the bright one - brighter than the other 3. But whether it's actually broken, or maybe a standard bulb was replaced with a brighter one, it is the same in both shots - broken or not.


Corrected entry: Snake is able to surf a tidal wave almost immediately after getting shot in the leg?

Correction: Considering the situation he may have been on an adrenaline high. It is also possible (but painful) to stand on and put stress on a leg that has just been shot.


Corrected entry: It's never explained how it is that Cuervo can withstand a direct shot to the chest from Map to the Stars Eddy. He's not wearing a flak vest under his tanktop, and we're never given any reason to believe he has superhuman powers. For that matter, mere seconds after receiving a brutal boot to the head from Snake, how is he able to stand and fire a SAM anyway?

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Correction: Ask any policeman for stories about what people are capable of doing after taking apparently lethal gunshots.

Corrected entry: How did they keep that '59 Caddy so cherry? Everything on the whole island is scavenged, burned out, broken, beat up and whatever but this '59 Caddy looks like it has never left the showroom.


Correction: Actully, the Caddy is owned by Quervo Jones, as Eddie makes mention of after shooting Snake. Snake mentions early in the film that Quervo has "more heat around him than the President." It's reasonable that he takes good care of his car.

Corrected entry: Another submission here reveals that Snake's final attack via hand-glider required traveling a distance of some 50 miles, by actual L.A. geography. Additionally, this distance is covered in no more than 10 or 20 minutes according to Snake's countdown timer.

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Correction: Combined with relevant entry.

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Other mistake: As Plisken escapes in the hijacked chopper, Quervo Jones picks up a bazooka and prepares to fire on it. As Fast Eddy shoots him through the chest, watch the bazooka. You can see right through the barrel. In other words, there is no ammo in the weapon. (01:25:05)

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The President: Let's face it - he's dead.
Brazen: I agree.
Commander Mallory: Plissken's been dead so many times, I can't count them all. But he never stays down.

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Trivia: Kurt Russell kept the outfit he wore in Escape from New York. The very first day of shooting Escape from L.A., he stepped out of his trailer in that very same outfit for shooting. He and producer Debra Hill looked at each other and began laughing. Debra Hill said it was like going into a time machine.

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Question: Commander Malloy is following Snake in the sub on radar while he is heading to L.A. After reaching the concrete platform, the platform gives way and the sub begins to sink. Malloy radios Snake asking him what happened to the sub as it disappeared off the radar. If they were following him the entire time while he was underwater, what would cause the issue when it was sinking? It wasn't damaged, just the support collapsed.


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