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Corrected entry: If the mission is to capture and use xenomorphs, why on Earth aren't the areas of the ship meant for them acid-proof?


Correction: Perhaps there is no material strong enough to resist the acid. It's extremely volatile. Also, the station isn't built for the containment of xenomorphs, and since it is a secret operation they couldn't get any materials without drawing suspicion.


Yep, not even the Predators have armor that can stand the xenomorps' acid, and they have been technologically advanced for thousands of years.


Even 400 years in the future!? My entire point is that why aren't they better prepared for confining the xenomorphs?! By any means and at all levels?! Weyland Yutoni is powerful enough to get what they need secrectly.


It may well be 400 years in the future, but that doesn't mean they have developed a very specific material to resist the acidic effects of the alien blood.

Corrected entry: Once the baby alien has been sucked out of the window they appear to be flying through a pretty shot of sunlit clouds. This would mean that they had reached the upper level of the troposphere at least (approximately 15 miles depending upon whereabouts on the planet they were and what the current barometric conditions were). Therefore there are two things wrong (1) Firstly the depressurisation that sucked the alien baby out would continue just as if a whole had been made in a jetliner. Ripley and Call would therefore still have to hold on. (2) Secondly the temperature at the top of the troposphere is about -60 degrees Fahrenheit. All moisture would freeze instantly, whereas they stand there having a chit chat as if they were on the deck of cruise liner. (01:40:25)

Correction: 1) Depressurisation would end as soon as they ran out of air. 2) That -60 degrees neither freezes things instantly, nor would even do so quickly as it would have to come in through the small hole made, as the ship is (minus the hole) sealed and insulated from the outside. One's an andriod, the other's half alien, I don't see any problems here.

James King III

Corrected entry: In the cargo hold of the Betty, when we first see the guy in the wheelchair, the camera starts from his legs which are strapped down and pans along to his body. If you watch carefully you see his right leg move although he is supposed to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Correction: Many people with paralyzed limbs experience twitching and spasms. Voluntary and involuntary movement of the muscles are carried out by 2 different branches of nerves, dorsal root nerves and ventral root nerves. If only the dorsal root nerves are damaged the ventral root nerves can still cause involuntary reactions to stimulas. Which means that while the person cannot move the limb when they want to, pain or other stimulas can cause the limb to twitch or jerk.

Corrected entry: After the newborn is sucked out the Betty enters the atmosphere of the earth. You see the hull gets hot and red. Somehow Ripley and Call manage to survive the ride through the atmosphere - in a room with a broken window. Remember the reason of the "Columbia disaster" ... (01:40:00)

Correction: The fire entering the room would have destroyed a current-day space shuttle, but the movie is set in the future, so they have more resistant ships.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film Ripley uses her acidic blood to burn a hole in the ships glass window the problem is, as any High School Chemistry student will know, acid doesn't react with glass.

Correction: The acidic blood of the Aliens is never scientifically described onscreen, only compared to highly acidic substances. Because this is an alien biology, it could have an acid-like caustic effect without actually composing what a chemist would describe as an acid. For example, the blood could contain omnivorous microorganisms that consume substances other than the Aliens - it's possible that these could destroy glass as acid does not. Remember, in the first Alien movie, the facehugger, "It secreted an acid that "burned" through Kane's helmet glass."


Hydrofluoric acid does react with glass, conceivably the blood could be partially composed of that.


Corrected entry: After Ripley kills the first alien, Wren tells them that there are twelve more. Now, compare how may aliens there are. Altogether there are thirteen aliens. Take away the queen and all the other aliens that were killed (with the exception of the Newborn) and you have 8. But when Ripley is taken through the floor, I saw eight. You can see the head very briefly as it zooms in. Shouldn't there only be seven drones?

Correction: When Ripley falls through the floor, its just a mass of hive gunk. There are many strange formations in the hive resin itself that look like aliens, but are not actually aliens. Think back to the second film when the marines couldn't spot a single alien, since they were all blended in with the hive. It is purposely created that way so that the creatures can blend into it. And besides, there don't appear to be more than 3 or 4 aliens there anyway, other than the one alien that is dragging Ripley down into the hive.


Corrected entry: When the guy in the wheel chair shoots the alien above him, it drips blood on him and yet this blood which earlier in the film was capable of buring through the floor barely marks him.

Correction: Reactions of acids with metals and organic materials do occur at different rates; what is shown in the film is realistic. Note too that Vriess' clothes (he's the mechanic) and skin are oily, which will also help slow down contact between the acid and more delicate organic molecules.


Corrected entry: When the Betty crew and Ripley are swimming through the cafeteria and open up that hole which leads to a room with a lot of eggs. You can see a face hugger jumps on Ripley and she goes under the water and yanks the thing off. If you watch closely, you can see the tail that the face hugger uses to choke you with rips off - wouldn't acid blood come out of it? Someone said that in Aliens, Bishop does an Autopsy on one of the facehuggers and determines that the blood oxidises on reaction with oxygen in the air to produce the "acid" - as the above instance happens this reaction won't take place. However, this is wrong - the point of what he says is that oxidising neutralises the acid, it doesn't create it.

Correction: Ripley rips the tail off while she is underwater, which would have somewhat neutralized the acid. Plus, considering that Ripley's own blood has acidic properties, her skin is probably resistant enough to the alien blood to not cause her any damage.


Corrected entry: When Ripley and the others find the one miner alive, wouldn't his glasses have been broken by or at least damaged by the force of the facehugger attaching itself to him?

Correction: He didn't have the glasses on when he was facehugged. He only put them on after he got free.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, the pirate captain comments that he knows this is a dodgy operation, because it is in "unregulated space", which implies an out of the way star system. Then at the end of the film we find they are only three hours from Earth, with no suggestion of any hyperdrive etc.

Correction: The Auriga is seen at 1 point going past Jupiter, we know this due to Jupiter's famous 'red spot', so 'unregulated space' could be somewhere in between Saturn and Pluto.

Corrected entry: At the end Ripley has to cut her hand in order to burn through the glass, and the alien gets sucked out. But Ripley manages to hold onto the cargo nets with both hands OK without them burning through. She also holds onto Call without burning her either...

Correction: This would be possible because in the movie they show her put a knife through her hand and the cut heals very quickly. So when she grabs the cargo nets and Call her hand would have been healed.

Corrected entry: After Purvis screams 'What's inside me?' for the last time the camera shifts to Ripley. You can see a man behind her bobbing back and forth. Looks like he's mopping the floor. (01:01:42)

Correction: That would be Ron Perlman. I doubt he is mopping the floor.


Other mistake: In the scene where Ripley throws the basketball at Johner, Christie says to Ripley, "Ok, I've got a new game, tag .." He hits her with the handles straight in the face once, he misses the next shot, misses again, and Ripley hits him to the ground, but you neither see or hear the handles fall. (00:23:15)

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Distephano: I thought you were dead!
Ripley 8: Yeah, I get that a lot.

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Trivia: In the scene where Ripley discovers the room full of failed clones, she stumbles upon Ripley 7, a hideous, malformed but still living clone. The entire scene after she discovers her ill-fated 'sister' is ripped directly from, and is an homage to, one of the most famous deleted scenes from the original Alien. Ripley finds a long dead Brett and barely living Dallas cocooned in the bowels of the Nostromo, and Dallas asks her in a pathetic, painful voice to kill him. She obliges by using her flamethrower. The scene in Resurrection is almost 100% identical, everything from the design of the flamethrower to the emotional reaction and facial expressions she had in the cut Alien scene.

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Answer: In Alien 3, Ripley discovers there was an Alien queen embryo growing inside her, so she chose to kill herself. By cloning her, scientist were hoping the Alien queen embryo she had in her at the time of her death would also become cloned, which finally happen after the 8th try. This is also why the Alien queen they extracted from Ripley has some human traits.


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