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I own this movie on DvD.

So I knew this one was coming... My new girlfriend likes horror movies but had never seen Alien. So with the 40th anniversary of Alien hitting theaters shortly after we started dating, I started her with that one and had been having her watch the rest of them on DVD with me when we can.

There were parts of this movie so bad that I had actually forgotten completely about them till I had fired the film up again with her... namely the mutant human Xenomorph reverse thing at the end of the film that I wish to forget about once again.
I give this film a 2 star rating as it is at least one of those films I find is so bad it's still fun to watch.
My girlfriend didn't think quite as much as I did, but I still had fun watching this trainwreck in motion.
And I can at least confidently say this is not the absolute WORST alien movie there is... That title goes to AvP Requiem, which is not fun to watch at all.

Spoilers ahead! for this film and Alien 3.

So this film takes place 200 years after the end of Alien 3, where Ripley had sacrificed herself to keep the alien queen that was gestating inside her from falling into the hands of "the corporation" or "the company" whatever it was called.
So 200 years later, they some how found her DNA on the site... and were able to use that to clone, not only her, but the alien queen inside her at the same time. But by doing so also... combine their DNA together so that Ripley is also like some sort of acid bleeding human hybrid with the queen. Which also had the reverse effect of allowing the queen to give live birth to that monstrosity at the end of the film that I don't want to really talk about.

So the company or corporation of military or whatever, have hired some pirates to bring them live humans in cryosleep to have shipped to them. This way they can have newly laid eggs from the queen implant new xenomorphs into the humans so they can grow them and try to train them as a sort of war dog creature. An interesting premise but very very poorly executed.
So things go wrong, of course, and the aliens escape and start to kill everybody on board. The pirates team up with clone Ripley and have to fight their way through the space station and try to survive.

A decent set up, but bad writing. I will say that a lot of the over acting and comedy in the film just makes this movie a lot of fun to watch. Ron Perlman is especially a joy and steals the movie. From the cripple in a robot wheelchair to the Jamaican guy who can perfectly ricochet bullets of objects to hit whoever and whatever he wants from any angle, this film pulls out all the stops and throws realism to the wind. But I can't help but kinda love it for it.
Again, I find this movie a lot of fun to watch, except for the ending parts with that hideous creature I wish to block from my memory again.

Anyways, I would say to watch this movie, but go in knowing it's bad and try to be ready for that. Just have fun, as this movie is a lot of fun to watch. Especially Perlman.

Mistake Status: Ha.

Quantom X Premium member

Alien Resurrection is the 4th film of the science fiction horror franchise that pits a cloned and hybrid Ripley against the rampaging monsters as they slaughter their way through an immense ship that's part of a rogue military-science venture meant to bring back the species that was effectively destroyed between the second and third films. Joss Whedon and Jean-Pierre Jeunet add touches of humor and their own unusual esthetic to the chaos that ensues while bringing back a version of the Queen Alien and a horrid newborn! While not as good as the first and second films, it would have made for an interesting end to the story, had it been the third. Give it a try.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: Ripley kills the alien in the corridor after it has killed the first member of the Betty crew but there is no melting of decks or bulkheads from the creature's acidic blood. Also, the Betty crew seem unaffected by all the acid. (00:46:00)

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Call: I can't believe you did that.
Ripley 8: Did what?
Call: You killed it. It was like killing one of your own kind.
Ripley 8: It was in my way.

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Trivia: Purvis is one of the human hosts for an alien and it rips through his chest on the betty. In an episode of The X-Files, the man who plays Purvis plays a scientist who is a human host of an alien which burst through his chest.

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Answer: In Alien 3, Ripley discovers there was an Alien queen embryo growing inside her, so she chose to kill herself. By cloning her, scientist were hoping the Alien queen embryo she had in her at the time of her death would also become cloned, which finally happen after the 8th try. This is also why the Alien queen they extracted from Ripley has some human traits.


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