Corrected entry: When Brett is about to be killed by the alien, a close up shot of just his hat is shown when the alien's teeth impale his skull and his brains come pouring out. In slo-mo you can see that an alien hand is holding his head in place as it strikes. A split second later we see Brett's face, but there is no hand anywhere near him nor is the alien reaching out towards him. (01:07:50)


Correction: No, the alien DOES have its hands on his head. It is on the very left of his hat, and is very hard to see, but it is there.

Corrected entry: When Brett is looking for Jonesy (the ship's cat), prior to being killed by the alien, there is a scene as he passes through one of the doorways when the boom mike is clearly visible in the top of the shot. This is from a video viewing.

Correction: It does look like it's a boom microphone, but it's actually just Brett's shadow. You can tell by watching the shadow that appears on the door right as he approaches it.

Corrected entry: When the face sucker alien jumped at Kane it only attached itself to the front of Kane's mask. It did not penetrate the mask. When they get Kane to the Nostromo, the face sucker alien is completely inside his mask and there is a big hole that it entered through. (00:36:20)


Correction: The face-hugger used an acidic excretion to burn its way through the helmet visor. The visor can be seen to be warped by the effect of the acid.

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Corrected entry: When Lambert, Kane and Dallas are on the alien ship, before they find the alien corpse I think, you can see jets of gas coming out of their helmets, which is supposed to be them exhaling. Only Lambert doesn't appear to be breathing. Poor lass. (00:27:00)

Correction: We see her breathe several times during the scene. The times we don't? Well, they were in an exciting, scary, suspenseful situation, and Lambert is not exactly fearless, so it is conceivable that she was holding her breath in anticipation of a turn for the worse.

Corrected entry: Why is Lambert the only crew member who managed to get covered in blood? There was even blood on the wall in the background, all the other members were in close around the table and yet their clothes were clean, Parker was even holding on to Kane's arm when the Alien burst out of Kane and yet he also managed to stay clean.


Correction: It's a directional blood spurt that happens to fly in Lambert's direction as the Alien forces its way out. Only the wall behind her gets covered in blood, all the other walls are clean. After the spurt, Ash steps in front of Lambert, so the wall behind him is bloody as well, but it's the same wall.


Corrected entry: If you look at the opening sequence of the Alien film, where the ship "awakens" and begins turning on computers, you will notice a coffee cup that appears and disappears in front of the computer terminal.

Correction: There are two terminals.

Corrected entry: When the Alien emerges from Kane's chest, Lambert is splattered with blood, yet when the Alien runs across the table, you can see that Lambert is clean.

Correction: Just after the Alien has burst out Kane, Lambert does have blood on her shirt, Parker picks up a piece of cutlery and is about to attack the Alien, just as he does this, Ash moves forward with his right arm outstretched and says "Don't touch it" At this point Lambert was behind Ash and you can see she still has blood on her shirt, the next shot cuts in with the Alien moving across the table and that is the end of the scene, Lambert was not wearing a clean shirt as the Alien moved across the table.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when they are trying to take the creature off of Cane's face, acid squirts out and leaves a hole in the floor. Later, when Ripley and Dallas go in to look for the creature, Ripley looks under the table and you can see a clear shot of the floor, but there is no hole.

Correction: In fact you can see that it has been covered with an upside down plastic tray.

Corrected entry: In the infirmary scene where Ash, Dallas, and Ripley are looking for the facehugger that has detached itself from Kane, just at the moment when Ripley is looking under the table where Kane is lying, Dallas is empty-handed, he knocks something over and gives Ripley a fright and says sorry while at the same time holding a light in his right hand that was not there a second or two earlier. (00:47:35)

Correction: He knocks over the container when he picks up the light.


Corrected entry: When Tom Skerritt first "interfaces" with Mother after being awoken, he says, "Good morning, Mother" - it is not even close to being Tom Skerritt's voice.

Correction: Have re watched the scene and it is Tom Skerritt's voice.

According to the book 'The Making of Alien' this line was dubbed in by Ridley Scott as Tom Skerritt wasn't available at the time.

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No it is not Skerritt's voice. It is actually Ashe's. Probably clipped from the later scene where Ash uses mother.

It's an American accent, also I don't know of any scene where Ash uses mother even if the scene wasn't used.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Ripley signs off as the third officer of the Nostromo. This is a technical mistake - as third in command Ripley would be the second officer behind Dallas, the captain and Kane, the first officer.

Correction: While this maybe true for the current military or commercial shipping, we do not know what nomenclature is used in the future. It could easily be the case that in Ripley's time, they are listed in numerical order. Much like the rank 'Inspector' in US law enforcement has different meanings in various police forces around the US (And is now obsolete in many).


Corrected entry: Normally the face sucker alien is helping the host, Kane, breathe. This is evident by the close up shots where the sacs on the side of his body pulsate. In the panoramic shot the sacs on the side of the face sucker are not pulsating.


Correction: No-one ever said they were pulsating specifically to give Kane air. While it's probably giving him air in some other way, the pulsating is probably just the facehugger ejecting the alien embryo into Kane, which it would only have to do for a little while as opposed to helping him breathe.

Nah, don't think so. The pulsating sacs were helping Kane breathe.

Character mistake: When Ripley interfaces with Mother for the first time and sees the special order, an instruction reads as "Insure return of organism" rather than "Ensure return."

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Ripley: Micro changes in air density, my ass.

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Trivia: The original budget for Alien was supposed to be $4.2 million, but was then doubled to $8.4 million after Ridley Scott impressed 20th Century Fox with the storyboards he made.

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Question: Question about the Director's Cut of the film. The scene where Brett is looking for Jones has been altered slightly - when he looks up at where the water is dripping from, you can actually see the Alien hanging motionlessly from one of the chains. Has Ridley Scott given an explanation as to why he added this new dynamic to the scene? It's easy enough to speculate why, but a link to an 'official' explanation would be appreciated.

Answer: According to the commentary on the DVD, Ridley didn't add this scene to the original cinematic release because he thought it revealed the true horror of the Alien too soon in the film. The scene is quite early in the film and he thought revealing the fully matured Alien at that time would reduce the viewer's fear.

I had watched Alien several times before I noticed the Alien hanging there.At this point the Audience have no idea what the Alien looks like, they're looking at pieces of science fiction equipment put in by the production crew that they can't relate to, so for all they know the Alien could just be a piece of kit hanging there.

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