Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Ripley gets into a pressure suit to hide from the alien. During the scene, they cut to a close up of Ripley's face several times. In some shots, you can see the glass of the helmet she's wearing, in other shots, her face is uncovered.

Correction: That's not the glass from the helmet. It's the glass from the door she's standing behind. Sometimes we view her from inside the closet, and sometimes we view her from outside.

Corrected entry: Looking back, it's kind of absurd that the Alien wasn't discovered hosting in Kane's body prior to its bursting out of its chest. The facehugger was enveloping his face for quite some time and the medical equipment aboard the ship determined that it was shoving something down his throat. Once it falls off of him, the rest of the crew didn't conduct a thorough examination of him to make sure he's fine before sitting down with him to dinner?

Correction: Ash knew the alien was there all along. When Ripley gets access to Mother she reads Special Order 937 (I think) which states that Ash's prime directive is to bring back any alien lifeform. That is why the android was put on board at the last minute and why he was so unhelpful.

Corrected entry: Haven't people in the future learned from the Titanic disaster? Every ship nowadays has enough lifeboat capacity for everyone. Why doesn't the Nostromo?

Correction: There are numerous reasons why. The Nostromo is not a passenger ship but a deep space cargo ship. The Company cares more about cargo than employees and every lifeboat takes room and resources away from cargo. Having no escape route would be good incentive for the crew to fix a problem rather than abandon ship. And as seen in the second movie Ripley's Shuttle takes 57 years and blind luck to be discovered.

Corrected entry: In the scene directly after Brett is killed by the alien, when they cut to the crew discussing it Parker seems to discuss the alien like he has seen it but I am not aware of any scene where Parker sees the alien. He makes numerous comments about how huge the creature is. How did they even know that Brett is dead let alone the size of the creature? (01:08:10)

Correction: In the Director' Cut, Parker & Ripley arrive in the bay just after Brett has been taken and find themselves standing under the chains with blood dripping down on them. So they know he's dead. As to comments about the Alien's size, that's probably assumptions about what could drag a grown man up that shaft and dice him. Plus one of the deleted scenes (included on DVD-version) shows Brett's killing more graphically, and as rushing to the scene Parker sees him being grabbed by the now man-size Alien up somewhere. He even gets his shirt splattered with Brett's blood.

Corrected entry: The alien is growing much faster than it devours victims, at times even becoming maybe ten times bigger without killing at all.

Correction: Its metabolism is almost certainly massively different from humans', and in the novel they find rations that have been broken open and eaten - probably applies to the film, too.

Corrected entry: When the Alien emerges from Kane's chest, Lambert is splattered with blood, yet when the Alien runs across the table, you can see that Lambert is clean.

Correction: Just after the Alien has burst out Kane, Lambert does have blood on her shirt, Parker picks up a piece of cutlery and is about to attack the Alien, just as he does this, Ash moves forward with his right arm outstretched and says "Don't touch it" At this point Lambert was behind Ash and you can see she still has blood on her shirt, the next shot cuts in with the Alien moving across the table and that is the end of the scene, Lambert was not wearing a clean shirt as the Alien moved across the table.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when they are trying to take the creature off of Cane's face, acid squirts out and leaves a hole in the floor. Later, when Ripley and Dallas go in to look for the creature, Ripley looks under the table and you can see a clear shot of the floor, but there is no hole.

Correction: In fact you can see that it has been covered with an upside down plastic tray.

Corrected entry: The alien face hugger sacs were apparently suspended and filmed from below, then the film inverted to give the appearance that the sacs were rising up from the floor. When the crew discovers the sacs in the alien ship, a closeup shot reveals liquid running up the side of the sac and then "dripping" up into the air.

Correction: This is intentional. The field in which the eggs are kept is supposed to protect the eggs, therefore not a typical gravity field (or else they would not have survived the crash of the derelict ship) and no other gases, other than what would be needed to keep the eggs in stasis.

Corrected entry: When the crew come upon the space traveler in the derelict space craft one of them says he is fossilized. For fossilization to occur the tissue must be replaced by minerals from surrounding materials. That is why fossils are found in the ground. When the creature dies it must be covered with dirt or mud before it decomposes. Over time the minerals in the dirt replace the tissue. But the space traveler is sitting in the pilot chair, completely open to the environment and not covered with anything. Either the crew member is wrong or the writers were.

Correction: The crew are the equivalent of merchant seamen, not paleontologists, so perhaps this error could be attributed to ignorance on their part even if the writers screwed up. The term they should have been looking for was 'mummification' or perhaps 'skeletonization'.

Corrected entry: If you look at the opening sequence of the Alien film, where the ship "awakens" and begins turning on computers, you will notice a coffee cup that appears and disappears in front of the computer terminal.

Correction: There are two terminals.

Corrected entry: After Kane has volunteered to be in the first group to go out, Dallas says "you too Lambert". After she replies "swell" Dallas says "I'll break out the weapons" - where are the weapons that Dallas is referring to? Why could these not have been used to arm the crew, when the Alien was loose on the ship instead of trying to hunt for it in the air shafts with a solitary flame thrower?


Correction: If they shoot the Alien its blood will leak everywhere, and the blood is highly corrosive so it would go through the floors and potentially breach the hull of the spacecraft. They are trying to herd it with the flamethrower once they realise it is afraid of fire.


Continuity mistake: In the shot of the alien's tail wrapping around the back of Lambert's legs right before it kills her, the floor is different to what it was before, there is water suddenly falling from the ceiling when there wasn't before and her trousers have changed from white to blue. This is because that shot was originally intended to be used when Brett was killed.

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Parker: It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot.

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Trivia: When Kane is in the egg pit on the alien ship and shines his light on one of the eggs, the shape we see moving inside is in fact the hands of director Ridley Scott clad in rubber gloves.

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