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I own this movie on DVD and saw the 40th Anniversary edition in theaters with my girlfriend.

Funny story, is that right after me and my girlfriend started dating, she told me she likes horror movies but she'd never seen the Alien movies. I own them and was going to bring them over for her to see. But after we we leaving the theaters after watching It Chapter 2 and Stories to Tell in the Dark, we saw the poster for the 40th anniversary of Alien coming to theaters the next month. Great timing! What a coincidence!

For being a movie that came out in the 70's, this film still holds up extremely well. The acting, the set design, and even the effects. Some of it is dated, but it works with the aesthetics of the film. The miniature work with the ships is fantastic.

A movie that perfectly blends sci-fi thriller with a "creature feature" horror film. Still holds up as one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and I can't see it losing that title any time soon. Sitting up there right along side The Shining.

I had only ever saw this movie on the small screen as it came out about 10 years before my time. Originally seeing it on VHS, and then later I got the DVD collection. But finally getting to see it on the big screen in a real cinema, along side my wonderful girlfriend who had never seen it before, was an experience all of it's own! There just simply isn't much you can do to beat this film. Still standing the test of time. And spawning one of the best action sci-fi thrillers of all time as it's sequel.

Mistake Status: I'll probably get around to looking through this movie some day for mistakes. None yet.

Quantom X Premium member

Alien remains a formidable science fiction horror thriller decades later-great small cast, unique monster, frightening premise with solid scares delivered, top-tier set design and cinematography, lighting, direction. It's just a wild ride through a maze of a ship while a nasty, nearly-unstoppable and cunning creature stalks the crew, picking them off in gruesome ways as they try to survive it plus duplicity. The now-iconic chest-bursting scene is still chilling and painful to witness! If you've never seen Alien or Aliens, watch them on separate days and enjoy Ridley Scott and James Cameron's very different take on the murderous beast.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: In the shot of the alien's tail wrapping around the back of Lambert's legs right before it kills her, the floor is different to what it was before, there is water suddenly falling from the ceiling when there wasn't before and her trousers have changed from white to blue. This is because that shot was originally intended to be used when Brett was killed.


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Lambert: I can't see a goddamn thing.
Kane: Quit griping.
Lambert: I like griping.

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Trivia: There is no dialogue in the first six minutes of the movie.

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Question: Question about the Director's Cut of the film. The scene where Brett is looking for Jones has been altered slightly - when he looks up at where the water is dripping from, you can actually see the Alien hanging motionlessly from one of the chains. Has Ridley Scott given an explanation as to why he added this new dynamic to the scene? It's easy enough to speculate why, but a link to an 'official' explanation would be appreciated.

Answer: According to the commentary on the DVD, Ridley didn't add this scene to the original cinematic release because he thought it revealed the true horror of the Alien too soon in the film. The scene is quite early in the film and he thought revealing the fully matured Alien at that time would reduce the viewer's fear.

I had watched Alien several times before I noticed the Alien hanging there.At this point the Audience have no idea what the Alien looks like, they're looking at pieces of science fiction equipment put in by the production crew that they can't relate to, so for all they know the Alien could just be a piece of kit hanging there.

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