Corrected entry: When Sigourney Weaver auditioned for the role of Ripley, she had no idea that the part was written for a man.

New this month Correction: None of the roles in Alien were written specifically for a man or a woman. The writers made note that any of the roles could be filled by either sex.

Corrected entry: When the crew split into two teams of three, Ash gives Ripley a movement sensor, which he tells her detects movement in the direction its pointing. However, when Ripley points the sensor at Brett and Parker (who are both moving at the time) it doesn't detect their movement. (01:00:35)

Correction: The motion sensor does not work very well. Ripley even comments on this when she says to Parker "Changes in micro air density my ass." Parker also comments "What's the matter with that box?" when Lambert struggles to pinpoint the location of the Alien while Dallas is in the duct. It has been speculated by some that Ash purposefully gave the crew faulty equipment to impede their efforts to kill the alien.


Corrected entry: When Tom Skerritt first "interfaces" with Mother after being awoken, he says, "Good morning, Mother" - it is not even close to being Tom Skerritt's voice.

Correction: Have re watched the scene and it is Tom Skerritt's voice.

No it is not Skerritt's voice. It is actually Ashe's. Probably clipped from the later scene where Ash uses mother.

It's an American accent, also I don't know of any scene where Ash uses mother even if the scene wasn't used.

Corrected entry: When the film starts you see the bridge and a stack of papers flap in a breeze.The crew are in hyper sleep and don't need oxygen so it's very unlikely they would have their valuable oxygen supply switched on and turned up enough to make a breeze for the 20 months it takes to travel back to earth.

Correction: The oxygen supply had been turned back on because they were about to wake from hypersleep.

Correction: Who said it's oxygen? It could be any inert gas. Nitrogen doesn't support combustion or corrosion, dissipates heat, and can be easily mixed with stored compressed oxygen in the right proportion immediately to the crew being revived.

Correction: The company that owned the ship intended for the crew (without their knowledge) to be diverted to that planet solely to collect one of the aliens. The ship was programmed to wake them up at a specific time and location and it would make sure that all life support systems were fully functional before waking them.

raywest Premium member

Correction: This happened before the ship received the signal and so they wouldn't have been woken otherwise.

A ventilation system operating a fan would not use up the valuable oxygen supply. At most it would be wasting a small amount of energy, however if there was no air in the ship, the heat from the computers would not be able to dissipate.

Corrected entry: In the rapid closeup sequence in which the alien kills Parker (Yaphet Kotto) by biting him right in the face, a freeze-frame viewing indicates that, at the point of impact, a honeydew melon was used to absorb the bite. Now a honeydew melon has a white external rind, and Kotto is a black actor. Why couldn't the SFX guys, at least, have painted the melon to match Kotto's complexion? This production error is, well, in your face. (01:33:35)

Correction: Parker's false head was not a melon but a plaster-cast head with a wax forehead. Inside was pigs or sheep brains. Here's a picture of the effect after filming Parker's 'Head Bite':

Corrected entry: Ripley has just seen Lambert and Parker dead, she has set the ship to destruct, so why does she go down to the basement? The only reason is to show us, the viewers, Dallas and Brett still alive and cocooned and to show us the sticky secretion on the wall, which we see more of in "Aliens."


Correction: After setting the destruct sequence, Ripley realized that Jones, the cat, was being left behind. She went back to find him. That's when she discovered the two other crew members, although that scene had been cut in the original theatrical release.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ash tries to kill the semi-conscious Ripley by choking her with the rolled-up magazine, she begins to gag before the magazine even touches her lips, even though there is nothing in her mouth or throat yet.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Ripley had the paper to her lips and was about to scream, but the paper was already in her mouth just when she made the attempt.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ripley is leaving in the escape ship, she's looking out the front window looking back at the ship as she's leaving. When she was prepping the escape ship moments before, the cockpit window is facing outward. If the ship took off nose-forward, she could not see the mother ship moving away through the front window as then she'd be going backwards. There is a small window in the back of the ship through the rear door, but it's far too small to be the same window she was looking out while leaving. Also, the front window has diagonal support struts to hold the windows in place, providing further evidence that the window she is looking through is actually the front of the ship.


Correction: Ripley boards the Narcissus and starts the launch procedure. We see the shuttle being lowered from the belly of the Nostromo, then we see the forward braking thrusters fire [they visibly light up]. This was the effect of slowing the Narcissus relative to the Nostromo, shedding the velocity inherited from the parent vessel. As the Nostromo, which is still under full power, moves on ahead of the Narcissus, Ripley's able to watch it through the shuttle's forward windows. As you say, she could only watch the Nostromo's progress through the forward windows if she was flying backwards. Compared to the Nostromo, that's exactly what she IS doing.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Several scenes on the story boards and in the script did not make the final cut of the film. Some weren't even filmed at all. Some of these scenes included a sexual encounter between Dallas and Ripley, who have their moment spoiled in horror when Kane's corpse, which they ejected hours before, drifts in front of their view and bangs into the window. The other more controversial scene that was not even filmed, but only hinted at, was a 'rape' scene involving Lambert and the Alien. The Alien sliding its tail between Lambert's legs was originally intended to be the start of a bizarre sodomy/rape sequence, but director Ridley Scott thought better of it and decided not to film that scene. The only inclination of the alien sodomizing or raping Lambert left in the film is the fact that her corpse, which we only get a brief glimpse of hanging from the ceiling, is stark naked.

Correction: The Alien slides its tail between Brett's legs (as can be seen in the extended sequence, or one can notice by the different footwear that Brett and Lambert wear), and that shot was not intended to be part of Lambert's death "originally," but rather as part of Brett's demise.

Correction: When Lambert was killed by the Alien you heard her on the intercom and the sounds she was making certainly sounded like she was being raped.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bret is confronted by the alien in the landing gear bay, we see the alien 'unfolding' from a vent using backward folding bird-like legs. In every other scene the alien has forward bending, human-like legs. (01:07:30)

Correction: You're misidentifying one of two shots. The Alien begins above Bret inside the vent. The tail lowers to the floor first, to act as support for it's bodyweight. The tops of its feet are on the vent's floor at the entrance. Without the tail, it could not hold this position- it would just fall to the floor. It then lowers itself (using the tail), feet remaining on the edge of the vent entrance. When we see the side view of its head slowly lifting, we see its arms lower to reach for Bret. It kills him, then drags him into the vent (his body isn't found when Parker arrives). What you believe are backward knees are either the alien's ankles on the vent edge, or the lowering arms soon after.


Corrected entry: When Ripley is setting the ship's self-destruct mechanism she goes to a panel in the floor. In this panel there are four holes with four screws next to them. When she inserts the first screw she has to manually lift up the cylinder to activate it. It also makes a sound as it is lifted. After she inserts the screw into the second cylinder it cuts to a view in front of her. The cylinder makes the same sound as it raises, but Ripley is not lifting this one. Her arms are doing nothing. When she activates the last cylinder she once again has to lift it up manually by the inserted screw. Based on the design of the mechanism it is apparent that all four cylinders have to be manually lifted, but Ripley does not lift the second cylinder. It lifts itself. (01:35:30)


Correction: She tugs at the first, but this doesn't mean it needs her to. The second rises on it's own, making the same sound. The third is shown having risen without making the sound like the first two as she screws the last one in. She's never shown pulling the third or fourth, and the fourth is never shown rising. There's no consistency between any two of the four, so we don't know if it isn't shown exactly as it's supposed to work.


Corrected entry: When Ripley goes down to check out how Brett and Parker are doing with the repairs, she says: "Don't worry Parker. (pause) You'll get whatever's coming to you." In the short pause between these two sentences, you can hear Ripley say something like "You have". It seems to be a wrong line which has been deleted, but not properly. (00:22:05)

Correction: Her voice simply dropped out on 'Yeah", as in "Don't worry, Parker - yeah, you'll get whatever's coming to you."


Corrected entry: In the infirmary scene where Ash, Dallas, and Ripley are looking for the facehugger that has detached itself from Kane, just at the moment when Ripley is looking under the table where Kane is lying, Dallas is empty-handed, he knocks something over and gives Ripley a fright and says sorry while at the same time holding a light in his right hand that was not there a second or two earlier. (00:47:35)

Correction: He knocks over the container when he picks up the light.


Corrected entry: Just before landing, Dallas orders the Navigation lights turned on and we see rows of lights lighting up on Nostromo's belly. After landing, Dallas orders the flood lights turned on and we switch again to Nostromo's unlit belly (that should already be lit up with the nav lights) and we see the same rows of lights turned on again.

Correction: The rows of belly lights are seen lit before Dallas requests "navigation lights". Immediately after the order, the four large lamps at the rear of the ship are on (making those the "navigation lights"). The ship then has a very rough landing, taking significant damage (alarms, gas leaks, failing lights), and the next exterior shot shows all outside lights have gone off. After quite a bit of time (and repairs), Dallas requests the flood lights, and the rows of small lights turn on, which makes those the "flood lights".


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Ripley signs off as the third officer of the Nostromo. This is a technical mistake - as third in command Ripley would be the second officer behind Dallas, the captain and Kane, the first officer.

Correction: While this maybe true for the current military or commercial shipping, we do not know what nomenclature is used in the future. It could easily be the case that in Ripley's time, they are listed in numerical order. Much like the rank 'Inspector' in US law enforcement has different meanings in various police forces around the US (And is now obsolete in many).


Corrected entry: 1. As captain, why send yourself, the only other pilot (Cain) and the weakest and most timid member of the crew (Lambert) to investigate an unknown and possibly dangerous planet? The better selection would have been Cain, Ripley (whose duties as warrant officer seem to be unclear) and one of the engineers, Bret or Parker. 2. Are we really to believe that the chain smoking and slightly built Lambert could help Dallas carry Cain's limp, space suit laden body thousands of meters, across rugged terrain back to the Nostromo? 3. The Nostromo can navigate itself to Earth through deep space - a navigator is not needed. 4. The Nostromo is just a 'tug' so why does it need a science officer and a lab filled with science equipment? 5. All the elaborate buttons and switches on the bridge and med lab have no labels or designators - how does the crew know what they're turning on or off? 6. Dallas makes two flippant decisions. First, to take off from the planet with needed repairs still underway. And second, to remove the face-hugger from Cain's face even thought it might kill him.

Correction: All character decisions, not movie mistakes. But there are some valid explanations: 1. Lambert's technical abilities were needed to decipher the alien equipment. 2. Lambert carried the lighter end (feet-end of the stretcher), and they likely made several rest stops. 3. Another character decision. 4. A science station doubles as sickbay and is needed in case they run into alien unknowns (like the situation in the movie). 5. Well trained people don't need labels on buttons. For example, expert typists can use a blank keyboard. 6. Not flippant decisions, the ship was able to take off and trying to remove the face-hugger was a calculated risk.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ripley is in Mother there is a moving shadow of a crew member over her right shoulder in the doorway. This occurs after Mother responds "unable to clarify". (01:19:15)


Correction: No error here. Once Mother tells Ripley the true nature of the mission, we see Ash is now seated next to Ripley. The previous shadow movement was Ash sneaking into the room.

Corrected entry: Normally the face sucker alien is helping the host, Kane, breathe. This is evident by the close up shots where the sacs on the side of his body pulsate. In the panoramic shot the sacs on the side of the face sucker are not pulsating.


Correction: No-one ever said they were pulsating specifically to give Kane air. While it's probably giving him air in some other way, the pulsating is probably just the facehugger ejecting the alien embryo into Kane, which it would only have to do for a little while as opposed to helping him breathe.

Nah, don't think so. The pulsating sacs were helping Kane breathe.

Corrected entry: When talking to 'Mother' the characters never seem to type enough keystrokes to account for the wording of their questions on the computer screen.

Correction: Who's to say in the future they don't have "short hand" software for quick typing?

Corrected entry: It's difficult to see, but the instructions for self destruct (at least those for cancellation) appear to be in French. (Although fleeting, this is easier to spot in the cinema than on DVD) (01:34:25)

Correction: While the instructions on the right side of the panel are in French, they are simply translated versions of the instructions on the left, which are in English.

Continuity mistake: In the shot of the alien's tail wrapping around the back of Lambert's legs right before it kills her, the floor is different to what it was before, there is water suddenly falling from the ceiling when there wasn't before and her trousers have changed from white to blue. This is because that shot was originally intended to be used when Brett was killed.

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Parker: It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot.

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Trivia: When Kane is in the egg pit on the alien ship and shines his light on one of the eggs, the shape we see moving inside is in fact the hands of director Ridley Scott clad in rubber gloves.

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