Corrected entry: Ripley was originally supposed to be a male. The decision to cast a woman was done on a lark, and no script changes were made to "feminize" the character.

Correction: Dan O'Bannon's original screenplay never mentioned sexes. All the characters were written to be either sex.

Corrected entry: Ripley's nosebleed: from 1:17:16 (chapter 14: 'A Confrontation with Ash' on the '99 DVD), Ripley's nose starts bleeding, eventually very noticeably.This is almost a full minute before Ash begins attacking her by throwing her twice, which might actually make it bleed. (01:17:15)

Correction: Actually, Ripley's nosebleed was from when they opened the airlock on the Alien and she and Parker were caught in the decompression. That scene obviously was never filmed but the nosebleed was in reference to it. Also, in a cut scene you see Ripley and Lambert talking with Parker over the intercom where he says the Alien is right next to the airlock, apparently somewhat fascinated with a blinking light on in the door.

Correction: This would only be an error if a later scene were intended to show the moment the bleeding is caused by some physical strike, but there's no such moment (and there is the chance that her first shoving match with Ash may have had her head striking his, but it's not a certainty). Still, nosebleeds are commonly triggered by stress in people prone to them. Ripley's nosebleed begins after she learns of the special order (crew expendable) and becomes extremely distraught- and after her physically tossing Ash around (causing his head cut that later drips). She marches off, and in the passageways she can then be seen with the nosebleed.


Corrected entry: When Brett is about to be killed by the alien, a close up shot of just his hat is shown when the alien's teeth impale his skull and his brains come pouring out. In slo-mo you can see that an alien hand is holding his head in place as it strikes. A split second later we see Brett's face, but there is no hand anywhere near him nor is the alien reaching out towards him. (01:07:50)


Correction: No, the alien DOES have its hands on his head. It is on the very left of his hat, and is very hard to see, but it is there.

Corrected entry: When the crew goes into the ship with the eggs in it, you can clearly see that all their gloves are hockey gloves just painted over. Pretty cheap. (00:29:35)

Correction: Just because they look like hockey gloves (and probably were used to make the gloves) doesn't mean they really are in the movie. Maybe in the future, all astronaut gloves look like that.

Corrected entry: When Brett is looking for Jonesy (the ship's cat), prior to being killed by the alien, there is a scene as he passes through one of the doorways when the boom mike is clearly visible in the top of the shot. This is from a video viewing.

Correction: It does look like it's a boom microphone, but it's actually just Brett's shadow. You can tell by watching the shadow that appears on the door right as he approaches it.

Corrected entry: Take a close look at the masks they are using when they remove the helmet from Kane. The masks they are using to prevent contamination are nothing more than ordinary oxygen masks that one uses at a hospital. This is evident by the hose receptor on the bottom of the masks. In reality these masks would not prevent them from catching any airborne disease that this alien would have. I know they are in a infirmary, but a space ship would/should be better equipped in case it comes in contact with other life forms. (00:36:40)


Correction: While these look similar to current masks, they are part of the highly advanced and miniturized technology of the time - they can do whatever they say that they do.


Corrected entry: When the face sucker alien jumped at Kane it only attached itself to the front of Kane's mask. It did not penetrate the mask. When they get Kane to the Nostromo, the face sucker alien is completely inside his mask and there is a big hole that it entered through. (00:36:20)


Correction: The face-hugger used an acidic excretion to burn its way through the helmet visor. The visor can be seen to be warped by the effect of the acid.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the face sucker jumps at Kane, he only jumps onto Kane's helmet. This is best seen when in slo-mo on the DVD. Having it jump through his helmet, as we are led to believe, would have resulted in some glass breaking and facial lacerations to Kane and injury to the face sucker alien. (00:34:20)


Correction: The face-hugger emits a quantity of acid and burns its way through the helmet visor. The visor is visibly affected - the sides of the hole appear melted, not broken.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Technically speaking, it is impossible to detect the Alien by micro-changes in air density. This is because the device would constantly be reading the mass(i.e. density) of the air molecules around it, and any movement would set it off, as the air molecules would be moving. Even breathing would set the device off.

Correction: Ash explained the motion tracker with micro changes in the air density. It was deceiving the crew all along. When using the motion tracker. Ripley notices it works differently, an unknown way and says, "Micro changes in air density, my ass."

Corrected entry: When Lambert, Kane and Dallas are on the alien ship, before they find the alien corpse I think, you can see jets of gas coming out of their helmets, which is supposed to be them exhaling. Only Lambert doesn't appear to be breathing. Poor lass. (00:27:00)

Correction: We see her breathe several times during the scene. The times we don't? Well, they were in an exciting, scary, suspenseful situation, and Lambert is not exactly fearless, so it is conceivable that she was holding her breath in anticipation of a turn for the worse.

Corrected entry: The scene where the facehugger's acid blood eats through the medical bay's floor was done with actual sulphuric acid stained yellow.

Correction: It actually wasn't. A polystyrene mock up of a floor panel was made and doused with petrol, which dissolved it. Nothing as dangerous and unpredictable as real acids were used.

Corrected entry: The newborn alien that bursts from John Hurt's chest is next seen full-grown, munching on a crew member who is searching for Jones the cat. Assuming that it needs to kill to eat, how did the alien suddenly appear full-size without any nourishment?

Correction: In the script, the Alien was caught eating all the crew's food that it could find in one of the food lockers, so it does indeed eat. One of the crew shot their flamethrower into the locker and the Alien then broke through a vent and into the air ducts. Also, the time between Kane dying and Brett dying was at least several hours. In the cuts scenes you see them first searching for the small Alien directly after it emerged from Kane. They then had to put Kane's body in it's shroud; clean up the awful mess in the dining room' perform the funeral ceremony and finally make the cattle prods and motion-detector. All of that would take a fair amount of time. It's not like the Alien grew to full size in only 20 minutes.

Correction: There's one big false assumption there - that the creature kills to eat. The extended cut of the film shows that in at least two cases, members of the crew were taken alive to create new eggs, and in other cases, the bodies are left apparently uneaten. The aliens in the film series have always shown the ability to grow to full size extremely quickly; the mechanism is unknown but it doesn't involve eating other lifeforms as no alien has ever been shown to attack before reaching full growth. The most likely explanation is that the additional mass required is simply taken from whatever the alien finds around it (metal, rock, whatever) and is incorporated into the body structure in some unexplained manner (possibly involving the breakdown of such matter via the acidic blood and its reconstitution in a form that the alien can make use of by some organ within the alien body).

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The escape shuttle used by Ripley and the cat is buffeted by a shock wave from the Nostromo's explosion, a shock wave that can't exist. In space, there is no medium through which a shock wave can propagate.

Correction: It's not a shockwave. She's just blown up a colossal ship behind her - what she's hit by is the vaporised remains of the ship, rushing outwards from the point of explosion.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The director's cut of the movie contains a continuity gap with James Cameron's Aliens. In the sequel, we learn that the eggs containing the facehuggers are laid by an Alien Queen, who is protected by drones and warriors. However, in the director's cut version of Alien, we see that the captured Brett and Dallas being slowly transformed into eggs when Ripley comes upon them as she races for the shuttle. (Even in the theatrical version of Alien, we don't actually see either Brett or Dallas being killed; we just assume they have been when the Alien grabs them.) When asked about this later, James Cameron replied that since the released film version of Alien omitted these scenes, he did not consider them canon and did not feel bound by them.

Correction: This can actually work in either the theatrical version or the director's cut. It's possible that the drones, not being capable of laying eggs themselves, can somehow change a living creature into an egg when faced with a situation where a queen is not around (the first egg created would become a queen, most likely). This would help the propagation of a species with such limited capabilities for growth. Kind of like some frogs have spontaneously changed gender when in a situation where there was a disproportionate number of one gender over the other.

Charles Fraser

Correction: The single Alien being able to create an egg from a human would also explain how the Queen in Aliens even got there.

Corrected entry: In the scene were the Alien attacks the man with the flamethrower in the vents, You can slightly see the clothes of the person who plays the Alien. (01:15:30)

Correction: I have watched this scene over and over again. At no point can you see his clothes.

Corrected entry: When the ship explodes, you "hear" the explosion. Space is a vacuum therefore you would not hear the explosion.


Correction: This is a commonly accepted mistake. Almost all sci-fi movies add the sounds of explosions and lasers to enhance the movie, to make it more exciting. If you have space battles without the sounds, it would be boring, even though it would be accurate.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when they come out of their hibernation chambers, they all get up and are walking fine and a couple of characters are clean shaven. Surly if they were in the hibernation thing for many years they would have grown excessively large beards and also would have been very unstable when walking. Just like in real life where astronauts find it difficult to walk on their return to earth.


Correction: The hibernation chambers, as the name implies, slows down the body's systems to an extremely low ebb - as we see at the beginning of the second film, Ripley, who has been in hibernation for 57 years, doesn't appear to have aged in the slightest. As such, no beard growth would have occurred. With regard to muscle wastage, the crew needs to operate the ship effectively within hours of awakening, which wouldn't be possible if they couldn't stand up. As such, we can assume that the hibernation chambers were capable, in some way, of preventing this from occurring.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The 'chestburster' alien that rips open Kane's chest and escapes is about the size of a 500ml beer can, plus the tail and legs, right? Regardless of how inactive it was, there is absolutely nowhere in the human body that such a creature could hide. It is larger than a human heart. It could not hide in Kane's stomach or esophagus without causing a huge, incredibly painful blockage, and there are no other 'spaces' anywhere where it could go. Where was it hiding, then? It could not hide in the abdominal cavity because its phenomenal rate of growth means it must be eating something - and the only thing available is Kane himself. I think he'd notice. (00:56:20)

Correction: The Chestburster could easily fit inside a human torso, tumors larger than the creature are not uncommon in cancer patients without being visible on the outside. As for Kane not feeling any discomfort when it grows, perhaps the creature secretes some sort of painkiller into his system in its growth phase. That would be a key evolutionary adaptation to allow the Aliens to be born in the first place. Furthermore, it could simply be tapping into Kane's energy reserves (fat and some muscle) the same way Kane would if he was burning energy instead of actually eating the host.

Corrected entry: Why is Lambert the only crew member who managed to get covered in blood? There was even blood on the wall in the background, all the other members were in close around the table and yet their clothes were clean, Parker was even holding on to Kane's arm when the Alien burst out of Kane and yet he also managed to stay clean.


Correction: It's a directional blood spurt that happens to fly in Lambert's direction as the Alien forces its way out. Only the wall behind her gets covered in blood, all the other walls are clean. After the spurt, Ash steps in front of Lambert, so the wall behind him is bloody as well, but it's the same wall.


Corrected entry: On DVD version: In the part where the chestburster has bursted and is looking up at the crew you see a drop of blood fall onto it's head. This is after all the blood has finished being sprayed everywhere.

Correction: Have you ever sprayed water on a ceiling. It will eventually drip off. The same thing happened with the blood. It dripped off the roof above the table.

Continuity mistake: In the shot of the alien's tail wrapping around the back of Lambert's legs right before it kills her, the floor is different to what it was before, there is water suddenly falling from the ceiling when there wasn't before and her trousers have changed from white to blue. This is because that shot was originally intended to be used when Brett was killed.

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Parker: It's a robot. Ash is a god damn robot.

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Trivia: When Kane is in the egg pit on the alien ship and shines his light on one of the eggs, the shape we see moving inside is in fact the hands of director Ridley Scott clad in rubber gloves.

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