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Corrected entry: When Baby and Johnny leave the resort to go and practise balancing over the creek in the forest, it's pouring rain when they're leaving. however, when Johnny realises that his keys are in the car, he goes over to knock the pipe out of the ground with his foot and it's sunny over there, three feet away from the car.

Correction: It's still raining, despite the patch of sun over the pipe.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Baby and Billy first walk into the staff dance, the guy that is with the girl with the black shirt (that is hanging off on one side) - his shirt keeps going from on to off. When you see him in the background it is on and when you see him close up it is off.

Correction: I actually noticed while I was watching the movie that the guy first doesn't have his shirt on when they walk in, but in the next shot he has it on and for the rest of the scene he has his shirt on (it's actually a vest.) There is a different guy in the background who doesn't have a shirt on.

Corrected entry: As they pull into Kellermans' they park on the left hand side of the road however in the next shot they are parked on the right hand side of the road.

Correction: This is not true; there is a sidewalk along the right side of the road that makes it look like they parked to the left in the shot of them pulling up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Penny is taking a dance class (the one when she tells the men to dance in one circle and the women to dance in another, and when she yells STOP they have to dance with whoever they're next to. Baby nearly gets to dance with her Dad, but ends up with the little old thief woman), there is a microphone on view at the top of the screen for practically the whole scene. Visible in the video.

Correction: I've seen the movie many times and what looks like a microphone is just the speakers playing the music everyone's dancing to.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny busts the car window open with the bottom of the light pole, you can see that it makes a perfect circle. Most likely, the whole window would have shattered, not left a perfect hole the same size as the pole.

Correction: Car windows were then made with "saftey glass", a sandwich of two layers of glass with a plastic in the middle. A round hole is perfectly possible. Modern tempered glass shatters.

Corrected entry: This movie is supposed to take place in the sixties when dirty dancing wasn't allowed. However, the last dance is danced to a song that wasn't released until the eighties?

Correction: The last song was written just for the movie, so yes it was written in the 80's, but as an original song for this movie, so can also reasonably be used in this time period.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene in the movie, you see the two old ladies dancing together, one with a blue dress and one with a silver dress. However, in the scene where Baby sees Johnny and Penny dancing together for the first time, there are the two old ladies, wearing the exact same dresses, standing together.

Correction: Kellerman's is only a resort, I doubt that they would have more than one fancy dress with them on vacation.

Corrected entry: When Johnny realises he has locked his keys in the car, he breaks the window to open the door for Baby. But you can see her throughout the shot, and she doesn't move while she's in the car. However, Johnny opens the driver's side door, even though Baby didn't move to open it. So he didn't really have to break the window, if his door was already open.

Correction: Correction - she leans over and unlocks the door for him.

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene, you clearly see Billy put on a record (I've had the time of my Life) for the dance. Later, while the same song is still playing they show band members playing the music. Did they join in mid-song?

Correction: The band is improvising along with the music, something a well-trained musician (especially with a jazz background) would be able to do.


Correction: Mr. Kellerman says something like, "You have sheet music for this stuff?"

Kellerman asks the band director if he has sheet music because he sees the guests are really enjoying it. When he asks, the band is already playing along because you can see the cello player playing in the background. They likely joined in after they saw the crowd's reaction, but before Kellerman asks if he has sheet music. Being that the song was on record, it had obviously been out for a while, played on the radio, etc. so they likely had heard it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are setting up for the final show and Baby is painting a tree, there is no paint on her brush.

Correction: Baby isn't actually painting, she's adding texture to the tree, to make it look more real. You do that using a dry brush.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, before they all start dancing, everyone is sat down on chairs, as can be seen when Baby jumps. However, once everyone starts dancing, all the chairs are gone!

Correction: You clearly see some of the dance crew folding up chairs while others in the dance crew pick out people from the audience to dance.

Corrected entry: When Baby goes to the golf coarse to ask her dad for money, her red and white shirt has long sleeves, but when she shows up to give the money to Penny, the same shirt is sleeveless.

Correction: Golf course is in the day, the dance club is at night. Plenty of time for her to change into another shirt.

Correction: It was the exact same shirt. Continuity error.

Amy Emerick Tice

That makes no sense. If it's the same shirt, then there's no error. If it's an otherwise-identical shirt but sleeveless, it's a different shirt, and there was plenty of time between the daytime golf game and the club at night for her to change. The fact she changed into a sleeveless version of a long-sleeved shirt doesn't make it an error.

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, you see Johnny and his friend put on a record (for "I Had the Time of My Life"). Even though it is the same song continuing, the manager later asks the band leader "Do you have sheet music on this?" even though it is a record and there are no singers present.

Correction: Obviously it is a record, Kellerman sees the positive reaction of his guests and wants to know if the band leader has sheet music on the song, so that they can play it live for the audience some day.


Correction: The band joins in playing along to the record aka why you can hear drums and Kellerman is surprised he has sheet music to the song.

Corrected entry: When Baby and Johnny are balancing on the log over the creek, you see a blue fall mat visible at the bottom of the screen.

Correction: I watched the scene two times, and the mat is not visible at all.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny and Baby are in the dance studio, Johnny puts the records down twice, once when he agrees to do the dance and the second time when Neil is saying to Baby, "He's hard to talk to but the ladies seem to like him" (you see him do this in the mirror) and then we see him slam the lid to the record player down, which scares Baby.

Correction: Johnny has several records in his hand. When he puts the first one away he still has some in his hand.

Correction: The original mistake is right. He stops the record from playing. Removes it, holds it with one hand, turns sideways and bends down to store it. Then his hands are empty. Angle changes and the record is back in his hand and he's in the first position repeating all of the movements.


Corrected entry: When Baby is getting dressed for the big end of season show, we see her pulling on stockings and attaching them to garters. But when her skirt flies up in the big dance finale - no garters.

Correction: Apparently not - it's tights without garters, not stockings.

Continuity mistake: In the last dance scene, Patrick Swayze jumps down from the stage and starts dancing. He goes down on his knees and when he lifts one knee, it is extremely dusty, however when he stands up his knees are completely clean. (01:33:00)

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Johnny: You just put your pickle on everybody's plate, college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.

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Trivia: In the scene where Johnny and Baby practice dancing, and she keeps laughing when he runs his arm down hers, it was not part of the scene, she was actually laughing and his frustration was genuine. They left it in the movie because it was effective. Baby falling over in this scene was unplanned too.

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Question: When Johnny takes Baby up to do the final dance, Baby's dad is obviously pretty angry about it and tries to stop him. However, after the dance all is forgiven? All just from the magic of their beautiful dancing?

Answer: It would be improper to cause a scene, plus Robbie admitted to getting Penny pregnant and insulting her, especially it's what made get an abortion and medical complications.

Answer: While he probably was still angry with Johnny for sleeping with Baby, he can see how hard she must have worked to dance so well. Anger is often hard to release. Being a loving father, he is proud of Baby "in the moment" and was more disappointed with her than mad. He likely also grudgingly admires Johnny for having the courage to stand up for her.


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