Dirty Dancing

Trivia: In the scene where Johnny and Baby are practicing dancing, and she keeps laughing when he runs his arm down hers, it was not part of the scene, she was actually laughing and his frustration was genuine. They left it because it was effective. Her falling over in this scene was unplanned too.

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Trivia: In Dirty Dancing, the very famous scene where Johnny and Baby are practising their dancing and they are crawling towards each other on the floor, Swayze and Grey were really just messing around and were actually warming up to do the real scene, but the director liked it so much he kept in in the film.

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Trivia: The clothes that Baby and Johnny wear contrast. Johnny is always in dark clothing while Baby is always wearing light colours.

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Trivia: In the scene where we first see Patrick Swayze dancing, the older lady dancing with him is both the choreographer and the woman whose life the movie plot is based on.

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Suggested correction: It's based on Eleanor Bergstein's life. Not Miranda Garrison's. (Who originally stepped in to the role vacated by Kelly Bishop at the last minute).

Trivia: My aunt has stayed at the resort where the movie was set, and she lives around there. Apparently the crew spray painted the trees green because it wasn't really summer.

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