Down With Love

Factual error: When Renee Zellwegger arrives in New York, she exits her cab in front of the United Nations. The Canadian flag is visible. The movie is set in 1962, and the form of Canadian Flag in the shot was not adopted until 1965.

Factual error: David Hyde Pierce mentions the Cuban Missile Crisis, which took place in October 1962. The time of year in the movie isn't entirely clear, but given the weather conditions it's almost certainly spring or summer, or several months before the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Factual error: At the end of the movie mention is made that Catcher gave Barbara his publisher's Celestron telescope, shown earlier in a scene where the two are looking at the moon. This was probably product placement, but the C10 design shown in the movie was not offered by Celestron until 1964 (the film is set in 1962) and it sold for a price of around $2000, not $6000 as stated in the movie.


Factual error: The last scene has the lit-up Verrazano Bridge in the background as Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor swoop over Manhattan. The movie is set in 1962, and the bridge wasn't built until 1964.

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