Down With Love

When feminist Barbra Novak writes an international bestseller, Know magizines star journalist Catch Block sets out to prove that all women want the same thing, love and marrige, even "Miss Barbra 'Down with love' Novak". So, he goes undercover as Zip Martin, to woo Barbra inti saying "I love you". So he's really privatly tricking Barbra Novak so he can publicly destroy her with one of his exposee's

Factual error: When Renee Zellwegger arrives in New York, she exits her cab in front of the United Nations. The Canadian flag is visible. The movie is set in 1962, and the form of Canadian Flag in the shot was not adopted until 1965.

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Catcher Block: It doesn't take a Nazi rocket scientist to figure that out.

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Trivia: The ending song scene, during the credits - singing wasn't strange to either of the actors: Zellwegger had a leading role in Chicago, and McGregor in Moulin Rouge, movies where they had several song scenes. In fact, the scene was only added at the insistence of the actors.

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