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Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Ewan is rejected, leaves Renee and then goes to the elevator. He pushes the down arrow. When the doors open, Renee is standing there. Not only is it impossible for her to get to the elevator in the time that Ewan approaches, but she would need to go down or up a floor, then run to the elevator AND click a button to get it and so on. My point is that it's impossible. Plus, they end up going to the roof when Ewan pushed the up one.

Correction: Again, one point of the movie is to keep the 60's feel, which includes such "slapstick" impossibilities as her showing up in the elevator. And they should go to the roof if he pushed the "up" button for the elevator - the roof is up. Him first pushing the "down" arrow is negated by the elevator first going up according to Barbara's direction.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Barbara Novak is walking to the elevator after having caught Catcher with another woman, he chases after her. When you first see him he doesn't have the woman's grey hat on his crotch area, also not when he slides to catch the elevator door. Yet, in the shot where she says "and yet her hat's off to you anyway" he has the hat on his crotch area.

Correction: When he runs out the bedroom door, you can see the hat against his zipper. It's almost the same color as his trousers, which makes it difficult to distinguish as he's running, but the outline of it under his crotch is very clear. As he reaches the elevator, you can make out the wrinkles in the hat against his pants.


Corrected entry: After several shots of bookstores all over the world, Renee Zellwegger picks up the "New York Chronicle" and checks the "This Week's Bestseller" List, which ranks "Profiles in Courage" by former Pres. JFK on rank 2. But the book was published in 1957, the movie is set in 1962, when it is rather unlikely that a 5 year old book ranks 2. (00:49:40)

Correction: For a current example, "Tuesdays with Morrie" has been in the top 5 on the New York Times Non-Fiction bestsellers lists since it was first published in 1997 (7 years)and was not a Pulitzer Prize winner nor written by the President currently in office as PiC was in 1962. PiC is still required reading in many schools.


Corrected entry: In one of the traffic shots of New York City, a Volkswagen Beetle can be seen in the background. The VW Beetle was not imported to the United States until 1963. The movie was set in 1962.

Correction: The VW Beetle was first imported to the US in 1949 not 1963. According to the web site in 1960 the Big Three US automakers introduced compact cars to fight Volkswagen. They were not nearly far sighted enough to do that 3 years before Beetles were imported to the US.

Corrected entry: When Barbara (Renee Zellweger) gets into a taxi in the beginning of the film, she leaves Grand Central Station and crosses the street... to the United Nations building which is nowhere near Grand Central.


Correction: The filmmakers wanted to stay true to the idea of a 1960s movie, where all the landmarks of New York seemed to be within a block of each other. This happens several times, but it's done on purpose.

Factual error: When Renee Zellwegger arrives in New York, she exits her cab in front of the United Nations. The Canadian flag is visible. The movie is set in 1962, and the form of Canadian Flag in the shot was not adopted until 1965.

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Theodore Banner: You're my creative team, create a reason to get rid of her or I'll create a new creative team.

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Trivia: The ending song scene, during the credits - singing wasn't strange to either of the actors: Zellwegger had a leading role in Chicago, and McGregor in Moulin Rouge, movies where they had several song scenes. In fact, the scene was only added at the insistence of the actors.

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