Down With Love

Barbara Novak was really Nancy Brown, Catcher's ex-secretary who had to quit because "I couldn't bear to become another notch in your bed post.". So, she went to Maine and "wrote an international bestseller controversial enough to get the attention of a New York publisher but insignificant enough that as long as I went unseen "Know" magazine's star journalist would refuse to do a cover story on me." so Catcher falls for her and proposes marriage, just after he does Gwendolyn rushes in saying "Oh, you are Barbara Novak, I din't realize! You are my heroine!", and Barbra turns down Catcher's proposal and leaves. Then Vikki comes in and punches Catcher in the jaw (knocking him back about five feet) Catcher runs after Barbara and Peter convinces Vikki to go into Catch's apartment for ten minutes (we all should know what happens next) Catch goes home after Barbara still says no and writes his public love letter "It's not from me, at least not the old me it's from the new me. The new me that Barbara Novak could fall in love with!" He finds out that Barbra has started her own magizine, "Now Magizine", with Vikki. So, he applies as her private secretary and very seductively asks her to marry him, then leaves. Counts, and makes it to five with out Barbra replying, so he presses the elevator button and Barbara appears inside of it and takes off her turban to reveal, not brown, not blonde but red hair. Catch smiles and they kiss, her saying, "I knew that the minute I placed an ad as an equal opportunity employer you would be the first to apply" and Catcher says(between kisses), "And I knew you knew and would let me in to ask you to marry me" and Barbra says, "But you didn't know I'd say yes". They reach the top floor where she finds out they are flying to Vegas to get married. Stay after the credits to find out how Vikki and Peter turned out.


Factual error: When Renee Zellwegger arrives in New York, she exits her cab in front of the United Nations. The Canadian flag is visible. The movie is set in 1962, and the form of Canadian Flag in the shot was not adopted until 1965.

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Vickie Hiller: The men who resent my success won't give me the time of day, and the men who respect my success won't give me the time of night.
Peter MacMannus: If you give me the chance, I'd respect you and resent you day and night, and night and day.

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Trivia: The ending song scene, during the credits - singing wasn't strange to either of the actors: Zellwegger had a leading role in Chicago, and McGregor in Moulin Rouge, movies where they had several song scenes. In fact, the scene was only added at the insistence of the actors.

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