Daddy Day Care

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Ben asks his dad "Can you stay here?", his hand goes from being on the bare table to on the paper to on the bare table again.

Continuity mistake: When Phil is being chased by the bees, we see that the kids and Charlie are watching through the window. They switch position between shots.

Continuity mistake: On the first day of Daddy Day Care, the kids are all shown sitting on the stairs listening to Charlie's speech. Flash is sitting in the front row at a fair distance from Becca. Then Charlie hands out the mission statements, and Flash is suddenly right next to Becca. There would have been no time for him to move closer.

Continuity mistake: After the day care centre opens, Phil is playing/singing Rhinestone Cowboy on the guitar. The girl in the polka-dot dress and the boy in the red "1985" T-shirt change positions between shots. She is behind him in the front shot, and in front of him in the rear shot.

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Continuity mistake: When the broccoli is battling the carrot, the bits of broccoli that have fallen off and landed on the mattress change position between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Ben picks up a flier from the ground, the nearby toolbox moves closer to him between shots, and many of the tools on the ground change too.

Continuity mistake: At the dinner table, when Charlie says that he'll get a new job in a week, in one shot Ben is playing with his chopsticks, but in the next he's not.

Continuity mistake: When Kelly first meets Marvin, Kelly's hair changes position between shots of her saying "Hi Marvin, I'm Dylan's mom".

Continuity mistake: When Charlie comments on Ben's drawing, Ben is holding a yellow crayon in his hand. Suddenly in the next shot he is holding a purple crayon.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie is trying to explain a football play to the kids, the little blonde girl moves among the group. Shots showing Charlie's face, she's at his left back side, but shots showing the kids faces, she's directly in front of Charlie.


Continuity mistake: The third time the child services inspector shows up, Phil answers the door wearing excessive make-up, which was the result of a practical joke. In the first few shots , Phil's make-up is actually rather neat, with blue eye shadow, eye glitter, lipstick, etc. But after they enter the house seconds later, the lipstick is messier, the eyeshadow is smudged under his eyes, and the glitter nearly disappears.

Continuity mistake: A few minutes into the movie when they are discussing who will wear the broccoli costume, a woman with black hair and blue blouse is holding two cups of coffee, sits down and hands one cup to a man. A few seconds later she is still holding both cups and walking toward the table. (00:04:20)

Continuity mistake: The third time the child services inspector comes, Charlie sees Phil wearing the make-up and drops most the cookies he was carrying, leaving only a few left in the tray. Throughout the scene, the remaining cookies change number and location on the tray.

Continuity mistake: When the contest ends and everyone celebrates, a guy with fuzzy hair next to Charlie falls on the floor, yet a frame later he is up and jumping around.

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Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes to view Chapman's Academy for the first time he gets an urgent message from work forcing him to leave. He shuts his pager but in the next shot he shuts it again and puts it away.

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Becca: We need more learning about things.
Charlie Hinton: More learning about things?
Becca: Yes. We're at a very critical age. You have to feed our minds.

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Question: Can anyone tell me what some of the Klingon phrases mean?

Answer: When the kid goes up to Marvin and talks to him, he says "Klingo Mach" or something. That means "you speak Klingon?" Then the kid says "Egchad" which means "yes". That thing with the hands means hello or goodbye depending when you use it.

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