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Corrected entry: When Charlie sees Ben sitting alone on the jungle gym, he has a nearly healed cut on his knee. Later, when Ben is watching the other kids play football in the backyard, he now has a fresh scab on his knee.

Correction: The cut could have reopened or Ben could have gotten a new cut. Children at that age get cuts very often.

Corrected entry: Where did Tony (Flash) get the clothes when he took off the costume? His mom says that he's been wearing it for a few weeks, so he couldn't have had those clothes on while he was wearing the costume, otherwise we could see them underneath. He couldn't have come to Daddy Day Care like that because Charlie, Phil, and Marvin think he's missing and the costume's there.

Correction: He is not wearing "clothes" when we first see him, he is wearing a vest and underpants. These were on underneath his Flash costume.

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Corrected entry: When Phil looks into the mirror, murmuring "Becca and Jamie", a black pole used to stand up the camera is visible.

Correction: There is no pole visible in this shot.

Corrected entry: At the end the little kid struggles to get a toy truck through a hole into the tube playground. But the hole was smaller than the size of the truck so how was he able to get it outside the tube in the first place?

Correction: He may have had one of the adults hand it to him from inside the tube, and didn't think about the fact that he couldn't slip it through the hole.

Corrected entry: When the broccoli and the carrot are giving the talk about Veggie-O's, the area behing the broccoli is a mirror. Then the shot goes to Charlie who is watching, and suddenly it's just a glass window.

Correction: During most focus groups, there is a two way mirror with the focus group in the room while the creators are watching. In most two way mirrors it appears to be a mirror to the focus group, but to the creators it's an actual window.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, you can see that Ben has a big scar on his right knee. However, towards the end of the movie you can see that the scar is now a fresh cut that is healing. This shows us that the end of the movie was filmed first and the beginning was filmed last.

Correction: At no point "towards the end of the movie" did I ever see Ben's knee, much less a wound on it, though there is a cut on his knee visible a couple of times at the beginning.

Corrected entry: When they take Ben to Chatman Academy for the 1st time, Mrs Hardigan makes it a point to call Ben "Benjamin", Kim "Kimberly", and Charlie "Charles", but she calls her assistant "Jenny" instead of "Jennifer".

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Correction: These people were those she didn't know so well. Mrs. Hardigan wanted to get the point to them that this is a formal place when they arrived. Jenny was her assistant, and she works with her all the time, so it makes sense to call her her nickname.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, when the two guys running the daycare are in the foyer talking to the inspector, a boom mike is visible. It's not a theatre error, as the mike is almost level with Eddie Murphy's head.

Correction: I've searched the many scenes when they're talking to Mr. Kubitz. No boom mike ever appears.

Corrected entry: In the present Max has brown eyes. But we are shown a brief flashback of when Phil had to change Max's diaper when he was a baby, and he had green eyes.

Correction: Eye color is known to sometimes change after birth. My own daughter was born with bright blue eyes and that's what it says on her birth certificate. However by the time she was 4 months old her eye color had changed to brown.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie is holding the plate with cookies, he is wearing oven mitts, so we can assume that the plate is still hot. But when the camera changes, he is holding the plate against his stomach, meaning that it isn't hot because a t-shirt isn't thick enough to stop the heat.

Correction: He picked it up with the oven mitts just in case it was hot. Once he discovered that it wasn't, he wouldn't necessarily throw the cookies down to take the oven mitts off.


Corrected entry: Charlie goes to change Max's nappy, but he says he can do it himself. When he opens the door you can see that there is nothing on the walls and the toilet is totally clean. Max says that he missed and Charlie goes to investigate. He makes it look as though the room is covered, but as we saw before,there is nothing there.

Correction: Its not like the kid pulled down his pants, spun in a circle, and let the urine fly. Charlie looks up a path that the "mess" trails leading to the ceiling. Also, we never see inside of the bathroom, so it could be bigger than it appears to be.

Corrected entry: Why would Eddie be doing Tai-Chi under the tree if he doesn't believe in teaching kids those kind of things?

Correction: It's to show that they have become a "real" day-care, and they are doing the same things that Chapman does.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and his wife check out the expensive day-care place, he's wearing a pink shirt. When he arrives back at work, on the same day, he's wearing a white shirt.

Correction: It is accually the next day. Charlie makes the coment that his son is starting his first day of school that day.

Corrected entry: When Eddie Murphy is drawing pictures with his son, Ben, they show each other their pictures. Ben has drawn he and his father standing side by side with the words "Daddy" and "Ben" above them in child's handwriting. If Ben is approx. 3-4 years old, and it was made clear earlier in the movie that none of the kids could read, how was Ben able to write on his picture?

Correction: Many children can spell their own name as well as those of members of their family well before they can actually "read."

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Corrected entry: No sane parent on the planet, even with a huge suspension of disbelief, would pull their kids out of the high dollar school they've already paid for to attend a day care in someone's house.


Correction: The cost was only per month so it was easy to switch. Also the high cost preschool was the only decent place to go before Daddy Day Care came along.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes to view Chapman's Academy for the first time he gets an urgent message from work forcing him to leave. He shuts his pager but in the next shot he shuts it again and puts it away.

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Question: Can anyone tell me what some of the Klingon phrases mean?

Answer: When the kid goes up to Marvin and talks to him, he says "Klingo Mach" or something. That means "you speak Klingon?" Then the kid says "Egchad" which means "yes". That thing with the hands means hello or goodbye depending when you use it.

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