Daddy Day Care

Continuity mistake: When Steve Zahn is dressed like Darth Vader, he grabs a green light saber, but in the next shot he is holding a blue light saber, when there would have been no time to grab a different one.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes to view Chapman's Academy for the first time he gets an urgent message from work forcing him to leave. He shuts his pager but in the next shot he shuts it again and puts it away.

Continuity mistake: When they are first signing up people for the daycare, they get to the little girl with all the allergies. As the girl and her mother are listing all her allergies, Eddie Murphy has his hands by his chin not writing down anything, in the next shot he suddenly has a pen in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When the kids are watching the puppet show, the inspector is eating a cookie. In one shot, he finishes the cookie and is brushing the crumbs off of his hands. In the next shot, the cookie is back and he's taking a bite.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and his son are sitting at the table having breakfast, Charlie puts his fist to the side of his face, and his son copies. In the shot of both of them, his son's hand isn't a complete fist, he still has his fingers pointing out, but in the next shot of just him, his hand is a complete fist.

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film, the cars in the traffic jam caused by Ms. Harridan change position in between the two shots.

Continuity mistake: When the people are first signing up for the daycare, Crispin and his mom go up to the signing booth. Then Crispin kicks Charlie on the left ankle, in the next shot Charlie is seen grabbing his right leg instead of the left one.

Continuity mistake: During the Chaplin Academy Tour, when Charlie crouches down to say goodbye to Ben, between shots Ben goes from holding his mom's left hand to holding her right hand. (00:08:50)

Continuity mistake: When Charlie pulls up to the Academy for their appointment, he emerges from a car stopped parallel to the steps. In the next cut, the car is parked diagonally in relation to the steps.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, Ben gets out of bed to put on his slippers, and as he sits down, he places his teddy bear to his right hand side. Ben, after putting on his slippers, stands up. As he does so, he picks up his teddy bear, which is now on his left hand side.

Continuity mistake: After Jamie yells "Let's get ready to rumble", Flash gets up from his chair twice in two shots.

Continuity mistake: Eddie Murphy's collar constantly changes in the scene where he is at the Chapman Academy for the final time.

Continuity mistake: The inspector is giving a puppet show. At the start of the show, Brenda is seated at the far right. In the last shot, she is now at the far left, though no one has gotten up during the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie reads "Green Eggs and Ham" to the kids, Becca is shown without a book and is just listening to Charlie, but in the next shot of her she is reading along in her own book.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Ben are drawing pictures at the table, there is a green cup at the center of the table. But at the end of this scene the cup is at the far side of the table.

Continuity mistake: When the men are deciding which two kids to fire, one of Phil's hands is on his knee and the other is on his side. Then he says "How about Becca and Jamie?", and then his hands are both in between his legs.

Continuity mistake: When trying to get the house to pass inspection, Phil adds child gates to both ends of the stairway, doorways, etc. However, later shots of the main staircase show that there are no such gates installed.

Continuity mistake: Phil throws his papers on the ground yelling in pain, but later he is shown lying down groaning and the papers have stacked themselves up.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie pulls up in front of Chatman Academy for the orientation, Ben's shirt is untucked. Charlie kisses his wife and she picks Ben up. Ben's shirt is suddenly tucked in.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Charlie and Kim first go to the orientation after Kim asks the SAT question and turns slowly around with a pleased look on the face it then shows her turning again after Charlie's two way goes off.


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Charlie Hinton: Ok, you're gonna go out straight for a pass, and I want you to be my blocker. You're gonna come across and cut left and I'll.
Max: How 'bout we just run in a circle?
Charlie Hinton: ...Yeah, OK, that's a better idea! How 'bout we just aaaall run in a circle?



When Ben gives Eddie Murphy the picture he drew of them, Eddie points out that Ben drew a green moustache on him in the picture, but when he looks at the drawing for the first time and also in the meeting there's no moustache.