Daddy Day Care

Plot hole: It's amazing that the two Chapman women weren't caught at "Rock for Daddy Day Care". One of them unzips a guy's dog costume in the middle of the path with everyone walking by. A little kid actually stares right at her when she does this. Also when Jenny puts the cockroaches in the salad, the people who were waiting in line for food would definitely have seen her. There are many more parts like this.

Plot hole: Marvin came to Charlie's house with paychecks for both Charlie and Phil, but he had no way of knowing Phil was there.

Plot hole: Near the end of the movie the original two "Daddies" from Daddy Day Care show up at Chapman Academy. Miss Harridan seems surprised to see the main Daddy (Charlie Hinton) show up while she is in the middle of talking with potential customers about what her academy has to offer. Following his speech he then proceeds to take a large group of them away from Chapman Academy to Daddy Day Care without any paperwork needing to be filled out or without any written consent from the parents. How can one day care just take children from another day care like that? The shot was uncut so confirmation of parental consent didn't happen between the time he showed up and the time he left with the kids. (01:22:00 - 01:25:00)

Plot hole: Kim continuously speaks with uneducated sentences and slurs throughout the movie, despite being a lawyer and also being married to a very clean-spoken Charlie.


Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes to view Chapman's Academy for the first time he gets an urgent message from work forcing him to leave. He shuts his pager but in the next shot he shuts it again and puts it away.

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Charlie Hinton: Ok, you're gonna go out straight for a pass, and I want you to be my blocker. You're gonna come across and cut left and I'll.
Max: How 'bout we just run in a circle?
Charlie Hinton: ...Yeah, OK, that's a better idea! How 'bout we just aaaall run in a circle?

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Question: Why, on the cover of the video and DVD of Daddy Day Care, is there a dog when there is no dog in the film?

Answer: This dog belongs to the Klingon kid - he brings it in when it is Pet Day.

Kirsty Marshall

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