The Italian Job

Other mistake: In the opening boat chase in Venice, the safe is supposedly represented by a metal pipe structure covered by cloth. But it doesn't flap or wave in the wind at all. On the contrary it has completely straight sides. It is quite clear that there must be a box underneath.

Jacob La Cour

Other mistake: The Minis drive through a storm drain and a huge puddle. However, the cars never leave so much as a mark on the dry surface of the road.

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Other mistake: When Charlize Theron is in her hotel room, Mark Wahlberg knocks on the door and walks right in without either waiting for her to open the door and without a key (or lockpick) apparent in his hand. Most, if not all hotel room doors lock automatically and cannot be left unlocked. Even the best lockpicker would take a few seconds to get it open.

Other mistake: Just as the minis are finishing loading up the gold from the truck, there is a shot of at least 40 gold bars still left in the truck (3 rows of 13 bricks and at least 1 single brick on top. We are given the numbers by Charlie as he relays it to Lyle to work out the value). Then 10 seconds later, we are shown the minis leaving, having got all the bricks, packed up and started the engines. There is no way they could move 40 bricks and pack up in less than 10 seconds.

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