The Italian Job
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Trivia: After the truck with the gold in it, drops from the street and people scatter and scream, there is a man dressed as Spider-Man on the street.


Trivia: Shawn Fanning plays himself in the flashback scene where Lyle describes how Fanning stole the Napster code from him while the two of them roomed together in college.

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Trivia: When Mark Wahlberg drove his own Mini nothing happened, but when he was sitting next to Charlize Theron, he got very ill and had to get out of the car.

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Trivia: In the scene where Charlie and co are watching Steve through his window and Lyle says "What does a man worth $35 million do on an evening... he comes home and watches his big ass TV," on the TV Steve is watching we can see Michael Caine, star of the original "Italian Job". Contrary to the obvious assumption, it's not from the original movie, but from "Alfie".

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Trivia: During the end credit sequence, the woman that Seth Green is 'demonstrating' his new speakers to is Kelly Brook, Jason Statham's real-life girlfriend at the time.

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Trivia: When Seth Green is trying to hack into the road department's website. In the upper right hand of his corner screen it says "NPSTER". Not quite Napster, but enough to be funny.

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Left Ear: We're in Italy. Speak English.



When Charlie is calling out the brick count to Napster from the subway, he describes it as being "13 across, 4 high, 4 deep". The bricks appear to be 2 deep in the safe (13x4x2), so he could just be lumping two shelves together, which works (13x4x4 = 13x4x2x2). The problem is that when the camera pans down there are 3 shelves in the safe. This means that there are more than the 208 bricks that Napster announces.