The Italian Job

Factual error: When Charlie hands off the case of gold at the end, he easily spins it around as if it's empty. Bars of gold aren't light by any means.

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Suggested correction: When they put the gold into the Minis, we only see silver metal boxes in the trunks, not the black one Charlie hands over to the Ukrainian. Also the time span between getting on the train and the confrontation with Steve was too short to put the barrels into the black box. It's more likely that the box is full of money and was prepared before the Minis entered the subway system.

Not likely. Gold would be worth more than cash in that box. And gold would make more sense as then they don't have to carry cash and take up space in the minis.

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Character mistake: When Charlie is calling out the brick count to Napster from the subway, he describes it as being "13 across, 4 high, 4 deep". The bricks appear to be 2 deep in the safe (13x4x2), so he could just be lumping two shelves together, which works (13x4x4 = 13x4x2x2). The problem is that when the camera pans down there are 3 shelves in the safe. This means that there are more than the 208 bricks that Napster announces. (01:33:40)

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Left Ear: We're in Italy. Speak English.

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Trivia: After the truck with the gold in it, drops from the street and people scatter and scream, there is a man dressed as Spider-Man on the street. (01:25:35)

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