The Italian Job

Factual error: Even a minor low-speed impact of a motorbike that heavy into a car door would damage it so badly that it would look different than shown on the white Mini - if the door were still there. Most certainly the glass would be shattered and the door could not be closed. (01:36:30)

Factual error: The group is plunged into the icy water for at least several minutes wearing nothing but light jackets yet no one seems to be suffering from hypothermia in the slightest when they show up on shore.

Factual error: When Mark Wahlberg is a child, he steals a wallet with bills sticking out. The bills are large head print, not possible in that time period. (02:10:10)

Factual error: The crew sets off explosives so the armored truck will fall through the street into the subway tunnel. In reality, the subway tunnels underneath Hollywood Blvd are about 6 stories underground. That means the truck would have to fall through approximately 80 feet of concrete, soil, rock and more concrete to fall into the tunnel. (01:29:15)

Factual error: In the flashback scene of Lyle when his roommate steals the Napster code, the caption says Northeast University - 1999. The computer Lyle is sleeping at is running Windows XP, which was not commercially available at the time. (00:29:30)

Factual error: Pilots always use the established phonetic alphabet to give registrations or information. Steve's pilot says, "3 Kilo Bob". He should have said "3 Kilo Bravo".

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Factual error: When Mark Wahlberg is trying to evade the helicopter, he runs into a dead end made up of two buses attached to a tow truck. The problem is that they're MUNI buses, and MUNI only runs in the San Francisco bay area, so these would be no where in the Los Angeles area.

Factual error: In the scene where Charlie is introducing the gang to Stella, the Napster arrives on a yellow Ducati motorcycle. All Ducatis are twin cylinder machines which have a distinctive throbbing exhaust note. The sound used is from a higher revving four cylinder machine, definitely not the bike being ridden. The same is true of the motorcycle chase scenes - they are BMWs, opposed twin configuration not producing the 4-cylinder engine noise, which must be overdubbed.


Factual error: In the Mini Cooper subway scene, the cars are first seen outside of the Hollywood/Highland red line station. However, when they jump in front of the metro rail line, it is the blue line they are jumping in front of and not the red line. The only red line station that meets up with the blue line is the 7th Street/Metro station, not the Hollywood/Highland station. (01:26:10 - 01:27:25)

Factual error: When Steve is measuring the position of the safe, 14' 8" is depicted as 14.8 and 8' 5" is shown as 8.5. This is completely wrong. (00:08:50)


Factual error: When Charlie hands off the case of gold at the end, he easily spins it around as if it's empty. Bars of gold aren't light by any means.


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