The Italian Job

Revealing mistake: In the chase scene in the subway, Napster stops the subway train at the end of the tunnel to block the tunnel entrance. When you see the view on his laptop, the train station CLEARLY has a metal railing. There is no such railing throughout the rest of the scene. (Yes, it's likely while filming that railing was removed to enhance the scene then put back.) (01:27:45)

Revealing mistake: When Edward Norton takes Charlize Theron out to dinner, the mustache on the right side of his mouth is further away from his lip, than on the left side of his mouth showing that the mustache is only stuck on.

Revealing mistake: As Edward Norton is finishing up the chase scene to the train station, the last turn he takes is off a one way street. But as you watch the other cars, you notice all the cars are going the wrong way down the one way street. Except for Norton that is. (01:40:35)

Revealing mistake: In the shots of the Metro tunnels, the "rails" are flush with the concrete surface, as streetcar tracks would be, to form a level surface that automobiles can easily drive on. In a dedicated right-of-way, however, the engineers would not go to this unnecessary trouble and expense; the rails would simply be mounted on the tunnel floor. Also notable is the presence of crossovers, but the absence of any movable switching equipment, rendering them useless.


Revealing mistake: When the van goes off the bridge at the start, you can see that no-one is in the van. (00:21:45)

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Revealing mistake: When the 4x4 is arriving at the train, you can see it is not Steve driving as the driver doesn't have a mustache.

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Revealing mistake: When the red and white minis are driving to the train, there are tyre marks from previous takes visible.

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Revealing mistake: At the golf course, tyre marks can be seen from previous takes. They are not from golf buggies as they are the exact width of the tyres and the same distance apart.

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Left Ear: We're in Italy. Speak English.



When Charlie is calling out the brick count to Napster from the subway, he describes it as being "13 across, 4 high, 4 deep". The bricks appear to be 2 deep in the safe (13x4x2), so he could just be lumping two shelves together, which works (13x4x4 = 13x4x2x2). The problem is that when the camera pans down there are 3 shelves in the safe. This means that there are more than the 208 bricks that Napster announces.



After the truck with the gold in it, drops from the street and people scatter and scream, there is a man dressed as Spider-Man on the street.