Anger Management

Trivia: In the baseball scene, Rudolph Giuliani yells, "You can do it!" which is a regular line in Adam Sandler films. Rob Schneider says it in The Waterboy, and then again in Little Nicky. Sandler himself says the line in Schneider's The Animal.

Trivia: Lou (the Mexican guy in the anger management class) has a goatee that looks like a question mark. Could this be because of the "is he or isn't he gay?" theme to him (which is talked about on the DVD)?

Trivia: Meatball the husky cat isn't really husky; he was just wearing a fat suit. The filming crew had to keep fans constantly blowing so he didn't get too hot.


Trivia: The husky cat that tries on the clothes Adam Sandler designs is named Meatball which is the name of Adam's real-life dog.

Trivia: In the scene where Buddy is talking about how he has fallen for Linda, Adam Sandler wears a shirt that says something like "CENTRAL PRIDE." Adam Sandler went to Central High School in Manchester, NH and this is a tribute.

Trivia: When Nate is losing his temper in the first fury-fighters meeting, his voice was not clear so what you hear on the DVD is not his voice, but Adam Sandler's voice that has been dubbed over.

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