Anger Management

Anger Management (2003)

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Adam Sandler's character is constantly being stepped on and ignored in his life and finds himself being overlooked due to his shyness. He boards a plane for a business trip and meets an over-reacting flight attendant who causes a ruckus. A air marshal is on board and "restrains" him with a taiser. He is refered to anger management with an honored anger management specialist Buddy- Jack Nickolaus. Buddy drives him wild on the way to "recovery" which includes odd and awkward situations that end up provoking anger.

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In the scene after the huge fight with the Buddists, Jack Nicholson speeds off in his Land Rover and cuts into traffic to get away from the monastary. If you look three cars back there is a state trooper weaving through both lanes to make sure the set is closed. He stays visible throughout the scene.



In the baseball scene, Rudolph Giuliani yells, "You can do it!" which is a regular line in Adam Sandler films. Rob Schneider says it in The Waterboy, and then again in Little Nicky. Sandler himself says the line in Schneider's The Animal.