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Corrected entry: When Buddy and Dave go up to the upmost garage deck to get Buddy's car the most natural thing would have been that the elevator attendant waits for Buddy's car as this is the only way to get down. Instead he goes down. This, of course, is required for Buddy to push the car behind him down the elevator shaft. That the car lands on the ground and not on the roof of the elevator is another slip in this short sequence. (00:48:05)


Correction: If you watch the elevator in the background you see that as it goes down it also goes across to the right of the screen. Therefore allowing the Lexus to fall completely to the ground. Also you can see where the ramp is in certain shots of the scene where they drive down.

Corrected entry: In the scene where David and Galaxia are talking in the back of Buddy's Car, Galaxia says "I'm a Lady..." and then it shows David starting his recorder. Later, when he is telling his lawyer about it, he plays the "I'm a lady..." bit, but he couldn't have done that because it was before he pressed record. (00:42:10 - 00:43:15)

Correction: It never showed him starting it. He was stopping the tape recorder.

Corrected entry: In the part where Dave's making Buddy's breakfast, one of the windows is cracked. When it goes to the close-ups of Buddy at the table, the window's not cracked.

Correction: The window we see in the close-ups is not the cracked one but another one with a small table in front. The camera angle is a bit misleading.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Buddy and Adam Sandler are at a table in the bar, where Buddy tells him to hit on the women, in the first shot you see a women in a black dress going to the back of the bar, in the next shot you see her closer to Buddy and Adam Sandler then before the angle changes.

Correction: At the beginning of the scene we see a woman in a black dress and a man walking out of the picture with a waitress. There's no telling how close to Dave's and Buddy's table they would be seated.


Corrected entry: If Buddy wanted to rid Adam Sandler's collection of "angry music," then why did he not bother to touch his collection of vinyl records on the shelves in the background?

Correction: Dave interfers at a point when Buddy hasn't even gone half-way through his CDs. They start an argument about The Carpenters, after which Buddy doesn't go back to screening his discs (records, cassettes).


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dave goes and confronts his childhood bully, the bully says something similar to: "What do you have to say about my god?" A Buddhist would never call Buddha his god because they don't consider Buddha god. Buddha is simply the "enlightened one" who is close to their god. A true Buddhist monk would never make such a grave error.

Correction: He obviously wasn't a true Buddhist monk, which can be seen since he begins a fight.

Corrected entry: In Adam Sandler's apartment, there is a buzzer to get into the apartment building. This is made clear by his "anger buddy" buzzing him to come downstairs once. However, when Jack Nicholson comes in to move in with Sandler, he rings no bell. He just knocks on the door. This happens several times (people comming in with no buzzer). How do they get in?

Correction: Good timing, someone was coming out as they tried to go in and held the door open. Or someone else outside with a key was also going in and, again, held the door.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after the huge fight with the Buddists, Jack Nicholson speeds off in his Land Rover and cuts into traffic to get away from the monastary. If you look three cars back there is a state trooper weaving through both lanes to make sure the set is closed. He stays visible throughout the scene. (01:07:35)

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Lou: So my boss, he was talking to me about how many sick days I've taken. And I was like, you know 'Don't go there, ' you know. But he kept on about wanting to see some kind of a doctor's note or something. And I said 'Look, I'm seriously serious. You don't want to go there. He kept talking and talking and being such a nag, and I just blacked out. I blacked out. And I woke up, and I was standing over him and I was screaming "I told you not to go there! I told you not to go there!"

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Trivia: In the baseball scene, Rudolph Giuliani yells, "You can do it!" which is a regular line in Adam Sandler films. Rob Schneider says it in The Waterboy, and then again in Little Nicky. Sandler himself says the line in Schneider's The Animal.

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