Anger Management

Continuity mistake: When Jack speeds out into the road in the Land Rover, there are several cars in the background. However, in the next immediate shot, when we look out the back window, there are completely different cars behind them. (01:07:35)

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film, it shows Dave as a child and according to the film it is Brooklyn 1978. Dave is wearing a Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt, but that show didn't debut untill 1979. (00:00:55)

Continuity mistake: After the fury fighters' meeting with John McEnroe Dave asks Buddy to talk to him in private. The go into the multi-purpose hall of the community center which has a stage on one side. In all wide shots and one close-up we see them talking in front of the stage, in all other close-ups in front of an inscription on the wall which is about 20 meters away. (01:10:05)


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Continuity mistake: After their encounter with the monks, Buddy and Dave speed off and come out onto a road. The first shot sees the whole car come onto the road, where there is a double unbroken line in the middle of it. The shot changes to Buddy and Dave in the car. Watch through the back windshield. The double unbroken line has turned into a single, broken line. (01:07:35)

Continuity mistake: When Buddy and Dave are on the bridge singing, when Buddy has the papers they are held together with a paper clip. In one shot when Dave has the papers, they are held with a staple.

Continuity mistake: When David is at his first anger management meeting, Lou is wearing a black shirt that sometimes covers his stomach and sometimes does not, riding up and down depending on the shot. (00:10:20)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Adam Sandler is about to get on the plane they do a couple of close ups of his face. Whenever they cut to something else and then come back to his face his sideburns are shorter. This happens a couple of times in this scene. (00:03:10)

Continuity mistake: When Dave lets his lawyer hear what went on in the car, things that were said have been shortened and shuffled around.

Continuity mistake: As Adam Sandler goes down the courthouse steps after his third trip to court, the same red headed woman passes him twice. (01:20:50)

Continuity mistake: When Dave first meets his 'group', just after Stacy and Gina kiss, one of the group members is shown wearing an Iverson headband. A few seconds later as the camera pans back to him, the headband is backwards.

Continuity mistake: In the night after the first fury fighters' meeting Dave and Chuck sit in a bar. When Dave says that he wants to go back Chuck's cigarette is in his mouth. When the camera angle changes it's in his hand. A little later, when Chuck memorizes the chicks in the war frying his banana the hand with the cigarette changes from hanging down to pointing up in mid-sentence. (00:22:00)


Continuity mistake: When Buddy and Dave drive to work Buddy pulls the brake on the bridge. Through the rear window you see cars skidding and jamming up right behind them. Then comes an areal shot where there are just two cars braking at a distance, but when it cuts back to the view from the front the jam is back. (00:32:25)


Continuity mistake: When Adam Sandler is outside on the phone with his lawyer and the NYC is in the background, the boat wake disappears and reappears in the shadow of the bridge.

Continuity mistake: When Dave is assigned his anger ally, Chuck, look at the paper in Chuck's pocket. In the first few close ups, the paper in his pocket that is poking out shows no writing. Then eventually the paper has a symbol on it

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dave and Buddy sing "I am pretty" on the bridge Buddy's seat belt shifts between his shoulder and his arm several times, sometimes so far down that it's not in the picture any more. (00:32:55)


Continuity mistake: Buddy pours cereal in his bowl. When he spells out the word chill, there's not much cereal in the bowl. Much less than he poured in it.

Continuity mistake: Dave boards the plane before Buddy but when Dave is being shown his seat, Buddy is already sitting in his.

Continuity mistake: When Dave boards the plane the way his lapel is crumpled under the strap of his bag changes several times from shot to shot. (00:03:55)


Continuity mistake: After his first court case Dave goes to the Community Center where Buddy does anger treatment. When he picks up one of Buddy's books from a table there are some wooden chairs scattered in the background. In the next shot we see him from an upstairs landing, and there is now one wooden chair with its back directly at the table, and one white plastic chair where the wooden chairs were before. (00:08:35)


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after the huge fight with the Buddists, Jack Nicholson speeds off in his Land Rover and cuts into traffic to get away from the monastary. If you look three cars back there is a state trooper weaving through both lanes to make sure the set is closed. He stays visible throughout the scene. (01:07:35)

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Chuck: I'm in a mood, Dave. A bad mood, a very bad mood! I was fired from my ice cream truck job today! No more Fudgicles.

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Trivia: Lou (the Mexican guy in the anger management class) has a goatee that looks like a question mark. Could this be because of the "is he or isn't he gay?" theme to him (which is talked about on the DVD)?

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Question: What movie was Jack Nicolson watching and laughing so hard about on the plane?

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Chosen answer: Tomcats.


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