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Revealing mistake: During the fight scene with Matrix and Cooke at the Motel, the stunt double for Cooke (the bald black guy) looks nothing like him and can be seen during many parts. (00:47:24)

Revealing mistake: When Arnie hits the telegraph pole with the red sports car, you can see Rae's "dummy" head go flying off over the windshield (00:40:18)

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Continuity mistake: After Matrix lands on the island and kits himself up, the camera zooms out to show him fully geared up; pay attention to the binoculars hanging from his neck - they are different to the ones he uses a minute or two later. (01:07:35)

Revealing mistake: In the close-up, Matrix is seen grabbing a balloon, but in the wide-angle he is swinging himself grabbed to some sort of safety harness and wire in the balloon. (00:37:10)

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Audio problem: When Matrix drops Sully of the cliff, he never seems to hit the bottom or the ocean. Even with a small man like Sully you would clearly hear a splash or a thud. (00:41:20)


Continuity mistake: While in Cindy's car, Matrix says "follow him, faster" and a car shows up from the left making them swerve. In the following angle that car disappears. (00:30:35)

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Factual error: Matrix reads coordinates N33° 13' W117° (or possibly W119°) 18'. Neither LAT or LONG has seconds; just degrees and minutes, but he says, "These coordinates are somewhere near Santa Barbara". Even if you fill in 59" for the latitude north, it's still quite a ways south of Santa Barbara. If you fill in 119° it takes you farther west out to sea: that much further from Santa Barbara. The closest island to those coordinates is San Nicolas Island, and since they did go to an island later, that must have been it. Still a far cry from Santa Barbara. The handwritten coordinates would be much easier to read on Blu Ray. (00:52:10)

Continuity mistake: Near the start of the film, Matrix's van tumbles dorn a hill and lands on its side. In the next shot, the van is on its top.

Continuity mistake: When Matrix's daughter brings the food, Matrix's sandwich is either pointing in a 6 o'clock direction, or in a 8 o'clock, depending on the angle. (00:07:45)

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Deliberate mistake: When Matrix arrives to the beach and arms himself up, a cloud of smoke appears out of nowhere. This results in a more dramatic shot, but it's totally senseless. (01:07:35)

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Commando mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Matrix grabs the phone booth, it has no screws or wires connecting it to the floor, wall or anywhere. Furthermore, the only spark it produces starts a metre away from the booth. (00:36:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Matrix boards the plane towards the beginning of the film, it is early evening - the sun is shown to be low in the sky, casting long shadows. Once he has escaped from the plane and is making his way back across the runways into the airport building, the shadows are smaller and more intense, showing the sun is more directly overhead - therefore it has suddenly become much earlier in the day. (00:21:50 - 00:24:15)

Other mistake: At the end when Matrix gets into the sea plane the the landing gear is down - the landing gear is for ground landing only. Also shown earlier in the film before Matrix starts his assault.

Continuity mistake: When Matrix leaves the plane rowing a boat there are two angles on Cindy: In the close-up her hair remains still, but in the wide angle there's a strong wind blowing it. This changes back and forth.

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Continuity mistake: After the rocket-launcher scene Matrix's daughter is sitting on the floor with a wrinkled curtain at her feet. A shot later the curtain is less wrinkled.

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Revealing mistake: When Matrix is in the luggage compartment of the airplane about to jump out, a dog barks at him, but as Matrix walks past, the dog keeps looking in the same direction, not at Matrix. (00:23:25)

Continuity mistake: When Arnold is crashing into the gun shop in the caterpillar you can see the camera to the rear (a black round one) and then also the camera at the front can be seen as a yellow box, attempting to be disguised as part of the engine block. These quickly disappear in subsequent shots.

Revealing mistake: When Matrix sends Sully to his death by dropping him off the edge of the cliff, in the shot of Sully falling it is an obvious dummy.

Revealing mistake: When Matrix jumps off the plane's front landing gear, in the first shot of him jumping, if you look very closely you can see that Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double is black. (00:24:40)

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Continuity mistake: During the motel room fight scene when Cooke crashes into the other room, the door separating the rooms changes between shots. When he first crashes through the door it's just a wooden door with a large brass knob, but when he lands on the floor in the other room the door is now surrounded by a white frame and the knob is visibly smaller.

Arius: Your father appears to be cooperating. You will be back with him soon. Won't that be nice?
Jenny: Not as nearly as nice as watching him smash your face in.

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Trivia: When Col. John Matrix is with Cooke in the motel, Matrix says the famous phrase: "I eat green berets for breakfast." This was a reference to Sylvester Stallone, who played a Green Beret in the Rambo movies. (00:46:45)

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