Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie where Xander's tanning at Bora Bora, notice that his tattoos are brighter. They have a just re-applied look.

Continuity mistake: After the Prague cop shoots at Vin Diesel and Yorgi, when they are in the garage, they chase him in the GTO. You see Diesel skid the car to a stop to shoot the cop, but when the camera pulls away, you see the car skid another couple of inches after it had clearly stopped before. (00:49:35)

Continuity mistake: When Vin Diesel and the Corvette are falling off the bridge, watch the Corvette. It changes position between shots (nose up, nose down, level). There is not sufficient time in between shots for it to tumble into its new positions.

Jason Sieberg

Continuity mistake: During the test when they infiltrate the drug lord's camp and X escapes. In one scene before he leaves the barn/building to go outside and get the bike you see him get up and lean against the door twice. Once to get up and look outside to see one of the copters blow up a truck then it cuts to a reverse angle and you see him get up again to lean against the door.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Xander steals the corvette, he goes into a reverse 180. When the camera angle is switched to camera 2, he's clearly coming out of a power slide (i.e. fishtail). (00:06:20)

Continuity mistake: After Xander's car jumps off the bridge, you can see in one shot that he is jumping from the car. In the following shot, Xander is opening his parachute and jumps off the car. (00:08:40)

Continuity mistake: Just after X gets his new GTO and the cop knocks the window of the warehouse out, X and the bad guy jump back into the GTO. They drive out of the warehouse and the car is dirty on the bottom. If the car was spotless in the previous shot indoors, how did the car get so dirty so fast?

Continuity mistake: When Xander switches off the submarine by tearing off its HD, the flame of the rocket wildly varies in intensity and colors in each shot of the sequence. (01:51:00)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Harpoon in hand, Xander yells to his driver "There's a bridge" pointing at a railway bridge with characteristic metal archways. "Cross the bridge!" he orders, and they do cross a bridge that is blatantly different, with no metal structure. (01:46:20)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Asia Argento unties Xander with a knife she had strapped to her boots. In close-up, the boots are army-like with a dark olive color, but when she was sitting down, and even better when she later has to put her feet on the car pedals, she is sporting pointy camel-yellow boots. (01:35:30 - 01:45:40)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Some potato carts are blocking the road. We see the accident spot and there are several people by the carts taking care of the injured driver, with very few potatoes on the asphalt. When Yelena fires the rockets, no people are by the carts anymore, and as they drive through the flaming wreckage there are many more potatoes - of course since the cart just exploded, but they are all perfectly still and not burnt, not looking at all like they come from a cart that blew up in an inferno of flames a split second before. (01:44:20)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Toby arrives to bring XXX his new modified car, as he drives it around the court you can notice a policeman appear all of a sudden in the shot with the close-up on the GTO on the grill; was nowhere to be seen before. (01:40:40)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Milan Sova pulls a gun on Xander, in the wider angles his left hand rests on the inside of the armchair, by his thigh, while in the closer angles it is on top of the armrest. (01:21:20)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Xander whips out the binoculars to look at the bad guys dressing up the submarine, his fingers are positioned differently on the device between shots. (01:13:10)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Yorgi turns towards Yelena when it's time to admit her for the first time inside the secret basement and starts talking; At "Through this door..." his arms are down, but in the next shot when he finishes the sentence he's leaning on it with his left arm completely raised. (01:10:40)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Xander puts the first explosive on a bike. The backing of the bandage falls on top of the box he dropped on the ground, forming a curve. In the next shot the backing is gone. (01:09:50)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: Xander just told Yelena that he's taking her to lunch. Cut to Yorgi's bed, with a random blonde asleep in it. Her hair is off her right shoulder, but in the following shot she's visible in the background, with hair covering that shoulder and part of her chest. (01:00:30)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the wide shot with Asia Argento and Vin Diesel standing in the hall of the villa once he caught her tampering with the floor safe, the shadows are entirely different from a moment before, when she was on the floor operating the computer. (00:59:10 - 00:59:40)

Sammo Premium member

Continuity mistake: The position of the Kodak camera Yelena is using with her laptop are inconsistent between shots, in particular when we see the 'transmitting' message; the camera looks perfectly aligned with the laptop and further back. (00:59:00)

Sammo Premium member

Revealing mistake: The Senator's Corvette explodes before it hits the ground. (00:09:10)

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Toby Lee Shavers: I've always wanted to say this. Fire in the hole.

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Trivia: One of the guys that Xander Cage has with him that attach the cameras to the senator's car is skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

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Question: This is regarding the scene where Xander is telling Shaver he wants "All of that, in here" referring to a vast array of weapons to go into the GTO. Where/How in the world did Xander gain access to "all of that"?

Answer: Xander and Shaver were back at the compound where they first met. The one where Xander finds out that Shaver is responsible for making the gun and darts that were used to knock him out. In that scene Shaver shows Xander some of the cool stuff that he had made, and Xander uses a few items later in the movie.

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