Visible crew/equipment: George Loomis talks to Polly in the boat and looking outside the window it's easy to see that there's no island in front of them. A few shots later it's obvious that the island is superimposed on the falls.



Visible crew/equipment: After his supposed death we see George Loomis back at the Rainbow Cabins and he's standing by the garbage cans in the back of cabin B. We see him through a window and if you look closely a crew member's thumb can be seen on the window at the beginning of the shot.



Visible crew/equipment: At the Rainbow Cabins the Cutlers sit in their car and the manager says, "I've got you down for cabin B". The shadow of a boom mike moves across his face as he approaches the car.



Visible crew/equipment: The Cutlers drive over the bridge into Canada and speak with the customs officer. If you look closely when the camera films over the customs officers back you can see the reflection of the crew standing behind him in the windows behind the car.



Visible crew/equipment: After the manager helps Polly out of the car she says, "Cabin B is ours?" and you can see the shadow of the crew moving on the dashboard of the car.



Visible crew/equipment: In the close-up of the Cutlers as they drive away from the customs booth an equipment shadow appears on the right side of the hood of their car.



Visible crew/equipment: The scene when Jean Peters jumps onto the little island is very well lit. You can see the reflections of 10 or 15 spotlights on her.



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